Roxette is coming back to Romania!!!

UPDATE: According to, the authorities from Cluj-Napoca signed the contract with Emagic Romania, regarding the Roxette concert. So it is official!

This is according to the official Roxette 2012 tour book, which reveals 4 new concerts in 2012:

17.07 Sunset, Zurich, Switzerland
19.07 Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
21.07 Criketbanen, Brondby, Denmark
28.07 Qstock Festival, Uleaborg, Finland

The dates have not been confirmed by the Roxette Management, yet, but we hope they will become official, soon.

Can't wait to Rox again!

Source: RoxetteBlog


Dar nu e absolut nimic sigur.

Dar nu e absolut nimic sigur. Eu as zice sa nu ne bucuram prea repede.Clujul mai negociaza si cu alte 3 vedete internationale si doar una va concerta din cele selectate.

Pe site-ul lor oficial azi nu

Pe site-ul lor oficial azi nu mai apare concertul de pe 19 iulie, insa au o pauza de 10 zile, poate avem noroc
2012.07.14 - Fredriksen Festning, Halden, Norway - Buy tickets
2012.07.24 - Ergo Arena, Gdansk, Poland - Buy tickets

Se pare ca e