Charm School - track list revealed

Per Gessle has just revealed the track list of the upcoming album (Charm School), on Facebook. Here it goes:

1. Way Out
2. No One Makes It On Her Own
3. She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
4. Speak To Me
5. I'm Glad You Called
6. Only When I Dream
7. Dream On
8. Big Black Cadillac
9. In My Own Way
10. After All
11. Happy On The Outside
12. Sitting On Top Of The World.

Roxette back with a new album: "Charm School"!

Among the tracks:
"Way Out" – power pop, 1st track
"In My Own Way" – sensitive ballad, written in 1984
"She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)" – newest song, written this autumn, extremely infectious groove
"No One Makes It On Her Own" – essential track, sung by Marie
"Sitting On Top Of The World" – bittersweet album closer

Press Release:

On February 11 the unlikely becomes reality. After 25 years as a world-famous act with 70 million albums sold, one of Sweden’s biggest pop groups steps back into the spotlight, a decade after their last studio album "Room Service".

They do it with "Charm School", a new album with twelve songs in a style that’s best described as "updated classic Roxette", from the initial power pop fireworks of "Way Out" to the bittersweet closer "Sitting On Top Of The World".

First Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle were reunited on stage to perform "It Must Have Been Love" and "The Look" during Per’s "Party Crasher" tour in Amsterdam. And before the fans knew it, Roxette made a full-scale comeback as headliners during the "Night of the Proms" tour in front of more than 600.000 people in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

"By then we started to think ahead and plan for the possibility of making a new album – an album that captured everything that’s good about Roxette while still looking ahead", says Per Gessle. Said and done. During the tour, the band’s hotel rooms were transformed into recording studios where a string of new Roxette songs took shape.

Back home in Sweden the work continued during the spring and autumn of 2010. Just as when the band recorded during their heyday there were lots of songs to choose from. The sensitive ballad "In My Own Way", for example, is a rediscovered gem from 1984, when the dream of international recognition still was just a dream.

The newest song is the extremely infectious groove-master "She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)", written this autumn. In-between there’s everything that has made Roxette one of the world’s most radio played pop groups; the clinging melodies, the passionate delivery, the humorous pop sense and the unique mix of Marie Fredriksson’s and Per Gessle’s voices. All wrapped up in a musical package that is unmistakably 2011.

"For me the starting point has always been to write songs for Marie’s voice. She got this ability to make you believe every word she sings, and that’s why she brings the stories to life. As a songwriter that’s an incredible gift to be a part of", Gessle says.

The album is recorded in the south of Sweden and Stockholm with Clarence Öfwerman and Christoffer Lundqvist as producers (together with Per and Marie). "Charm School" is a magnificent return to form after ten years of trials and challenges. Or as Marie Fredriksson sings in one of the album’s quintessential tracks: "No One Makes It On Her Own". Hear the school bell ring on February 11.


Party Crasher snippets

[img_assist|nid=1807|title=|desc=|link=url|url=none|align=left|width=180|height=640|url=]The Telia Webshop has added "Party Crasher" on its download list. The price is 129 SEK, but you can't buy from an IP adress outside Sweden. The album is available on iTunes, too, for 95 SEK.

You can find snippets for all the tracks on the Telia website.

Source: Daily Roxette

Per: "My target is Europe, now!"


We ask ourselves a simple question: "Why is Per singing in English again?" The answer is even simpler: Per plans an international comeback.
The goal is Europe, says Per for Expressen, and reveales his plans for an European tour.

Next week, "Party Crasher" will be officially released. The first single, "Silly Really", has already topped the Swedish singles charts, and Gessle now hopes that his music "is not just a matter of Blue and Yellow".

It is Europe I work on in the first place, he says, filled with self-confidence.
The only problem is that EMI is a record in tatters. Now I am looking for others who can give the disc in countries in which EMI is almost inexistent.
About U.S., Gessle was there to explore interest in the country where Roxette singles topped the charts four times.

I met Nile Rodgers through a common friend in New York, and it turned out that he loved "Silly really", says Gessle.
Rodgers, who among other things, produced Donna Summer, Madonna and Duran Duran in the'80s, was a member of Chichester - who inspired Gessle during work on "Party crasher".
Per Gessle, who issued a solo disc as never before during the 2000s, seems to fill the calendar for next year. He said that Christoffer Lundqvist and Clarence Öfwerman, his cronies in the studio, were constantly terrorizing his mailbox with suggestions on what songs Gessle should play live.

To play at rock clubs
In Europe, the disc could be out as early as February / March. But, it also could be later. In any case, there will be a tour.
Per Gessle hopes to play in rock clubs, something he says he has never done before, except three Roxette concerts and a solo concert in Norway.
Despite all the focus on "Party crasher", Per says he keeps everything open.

Silly Really Video

The official video for Silly Really was released on the 14th of November! Featured in the video is, besides Per and a bunch of drunk stock brokers, also Frank the rabbit from Donnie Darko. We have to admit that the bathroom-rabbit scene is a little bit freaky. :D PS: You can also see the video, in a greater quality, on Source: Daily Roxette

Party Crasher - tracklist

Here is the tracklist for Per's forthcoming album, "Party Crasher":

01 Silly Really
02 The Party Pleaser
03 Stuck Here With Me
04 Sing Along
05 Gut Feeling
06 Perfect Excuse
07 Breathe Life Into Me
08 Hey, I Died and Went To Heaven
09 Kissing Is the Key
10 Thai With a Twist
11 I Didn't Mean To Turn You
12 Doesn't Make Sense

Source: Daily Roxette

Silly Really - snippets


On Per's official site,, you can listen to snippets for Silly Really and I Didn't Mean to Turn You On!
You can also download them from here:

Silly Really (snippet)
I Didn't Mean to Turn You On

Gessle makes a comeback!

Per Gessle surprises all by making a comeback. Photo: Jonas Lemberg
Per Gessle will release the new disc: "Abba-tempo"
Here are fall's most unexpected pop news:
Per Gessle is back.
- I am as surprised as anyone else, "said the pop star.

Expressen has reached Per Gessle in London where he is now to receive a prize for Roxette USA-first no 1 "Listen to your heart", played for four million times on American radio.
But Gessle is the man who would rather look forward than backward.
- In a few weeks I’ll go to the United States and try to release the new disc there.
The new disc is called "The party crasher" and comes out on Dec 3. First test will be the single "Silly really," already to be release in about three weeks.
- It has gone really quickly. I agree about Abba-tempo right now, "he says with a laugh.

He makes beats on the laptop

Gessle admits, however, that he started to write new songs at the end of last year, since he began to like making beats on his laptop.
- I had no ambition; it was just so damn funny. It is always a good sign that there is something on the track when you sneak upstairs to make music.
He thinks the Bee Gees, Chic and Nile Rodgers and David Bowie 'Let's dance "to be the sources of inspiration.
- The songs have been inspired by a beat, and then, it has become dance music from the 70 - and 80's. It sounds pretty synthesis, but there are some r'n'b there too. It sounds warm and cozy.
- Helena Josefsson sings a lot on the album, and she has done magic.

Besides Helena Josefsson , Clarence Öfwerman and Christoffer Lundquist have participated,as usual, in the recordings of the twelve album tracks.

Gessle, who worked closely with super Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn, has also done the new press photos.

"Silly Really", Per's new single!

[img_assist|nid=1734|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=150|height=181] Per Gessle's first single, "Silly Really", from forthcoming album "Party Crasher", will be released October 27. The single as well as the album is a step in a new direction for one of Sweden's most successful songwriters and artists.

After two solo albums in Swedish ("Mazarin" in 2003 and "En händig man" in 2007), another studio album with Gyllene Tider ("Finn 5 fel!" 2004) and a double album under the name "Son of a Plumber", Per Gessle now shows us a different side of his pop talent.

"Normally I write the melodies first and then we build an arrangement in the studio. This time I've started with a groove and then written the melody from that, just like when I wrote that little ditty 'The Look' once upon a time", says Per with a crooked smile that's hard to read.

"The songs are written in the '70s '80s era type of dance music. The result is a fun album that is both immediate and in your face, but also brooding and beautiful."

"Party Crasher" is Per Gessle's first international solo album in his own name since "The World According to Gessle", 1997. The album will be released December 3.

Source: Daily Roxette

The World just got bigger

Per Gessle's (or rather "Gessle's") album from 1997 will be re-released on EMI/Elevator Entertainment in a "super duper extra turbo deluxe with cheese on" edition in May! The album is now a double with tons of nice bonuses and a new extended sleeve with an interview added. The videos, you wonder? They will not be included on the album, but will be available on various Gessle-sites. Bonus trax CD 1: 1. Kix-Cha-Cha "ghost track" 2. Love Doesn't Live Here OUTTAKE FROM ALBUM + B-SIDE KIX 3. Always Breaking My Heart (30 May 1995) B-SIDE DO YOU WANNA… 4. I Wanna Be With You (2 Nov 1994) B-SIDE DO YOU WANNA… 5. Blue Umbrella (15 June 1993) B-SIDE I WANT YOU TO KNOW 6. Jupiter Calling (3 Aug 1995) B-SIDE I WANT YOU TO KNOW 7. Let’s Party! (14 July 1988) B-SIDE I WANT YOU TO KNOW 8. Kix (Lovely Pair Mix) B-SIDE KIX CD 2 – demos that were made for the album: 1. There is My Baby (27 June 1994) 2. I’ll be Alright (16 July 1994) 3. June Afternoon (17 July 1994) 4. T-t-t-Take It! (12 Sep 1994) 5. Every Day Outside My Window (28 Dec 1995) 6. Love Doesn’t Live Here (25 Feb 1996) 7. Detective Jones (29 Feb 1996) 8. Beautiful Things, Terrible Things (7 April 1996) 9. Elvis in Deutschland (26 April 1996) 10. Makin’ Love to You (acoustic version) (9 June 1996) 11. Lay Down Your Arms (23 June 1996) 12. Do You Wanna be My Baby? (12 Aug 1996) 13. B-Any-1-U-Wanna-B (24 Oct 1996) 14. Saturday (2 Nov 1996) 15. Wish You the Best (3 Nov 1996) 16. I Want You to Know (28 Dec 1996) 17. Kix (2 Jan 1997)
Notes from Per: 1. "Elvis in Deutschland" was recorded about a year after the "Elvis in Germany"-demo. I did it because I wasn't quite satisfied with the chorus of "EIG"!!! "EID" has a totally different chorus (and different chorus lyrics) and is a ballad, sorta… But I went back to "EIG," a wise decision if you ask me…
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