Interviews and newspapers articles about Per

BBC have taken an interview to Per before London's concert. There is nothing new for the fans in this interview , but it;s nice that UK media has shown some interest about Per. Anoter article has apparead on the BBC about the same content, but is worth mention it here. The very popular site Digitl Spy has a spot also.

Libertatea from today writes about a possible Roxette reunion.


In Finland ,where the tour starts, you can find an interview and you can download it from here.



Interviews with fans, for fans

What does the title mean? It means that we're preparing a surprise for you!
We'll begin a series of interviews with fans. They'll tell you their stories and will shout the odds about their collections.
Why? Because we are a site for ... fans, and it's worth knowing each other.

The first interview will be with ... we won't tell you yet, but you can find him very often on Daily Roxette!
Don't forget to come back, the interview will appear shortly!

Video - interview with Marie

Here's the video with the interview we talked about in the previous article (interview Marie gave for Nyhetsmorgon, on the 9th of February).

According Marie Fredriksson, Roxette will be back


According the comments of the Roxette fan, Roxette-atic, in the morning interview made to Marie Fredriksson in the tv channel Tv4, she is certain that Roxette will be back. The reporter asked her if she really had the power to do a big comeback but she replied that maybe she and Per could do something a little bit smaller than before. Per and her are talking all the time about a comeback.

The video online of the interview. interview.

Source:, Tv4

Interview with Per form Cafe magazine

The following interview appeared in the Swedish Cafe magazine. You can find the Swedish version here. Per Gessle about the money, the art of covering up a scandal and the difference between a “sha-la-la” and a “na-na-na.”
1. The first single off your new album, En händig man, will be the hit of the summer, I understand? - Yes that would be nice. But don’t think much about writing hits anymore. With Roxette it was extremely important to have three obvious singles for the USA market so I always put a lot of energy into writing three songs. But when I make music for Sweden I just write – and then someone else gets to choose the singles.
2. Are you a ”handy man” yourself? Can you switch tires on your Ferrari 599 GTB if you had a flat? - Ha ha ha, no I can’t. I wouldn’t even try. I would just call someone.
3. You make commercial music for the masses but are still greeted by the reviewers. How come you don’t get axed like Tomas Ledin? - I think it has to do with that I’m genuinely interested in music. I feel togetherness with these nerdy music journalists, because I’m a nerd myself. I’ve noticed that Marie (Fredriksson) never got the same respect I’ve gotten from the critics. It has got to do with that.
4. Your lyrics have always been considered shit though? - Yes… Maybe they are shit too. But people always come up to me and thank me for songs I’ve written that have meant things to them. Many people play my songs at their weddings and such. So I still feel that my lyrics must touch them somehow.
5. How much do you work with your lyrics?
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