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So, out first fan interview! Featuring Thomas Evensson (tevensso). You know him from The Daily Roxette and Per's official forum. Here it goes, enjoy:
1. What’s your name and profession? Where do you live? My name is Thomas Evensson, I work as a sound installer for PA Ljud AB ( in Sweden. I live in Ljusdal, Sweden. 2. How did you become a fan? How did I become a fan? Well, you have to realize that back in 1981 Sweden only had one radio station that played music. One. And this radio station, P3, played Gyllene Tider around the clock, and I hated it! And at discos they played Gyllene Tider’s Moderna Tider from start to end. The one album, all night long... Eventually I caved and started loving this great band! And I still do. Funnily enough it was the weird song “Povel Ramel, Paul McCartney och jag” that broke the camel’s back. That’s how I became a fan. I’ve followed Per ever since. 3. Your collection consists of what? I have basically every record there is by Gyllene Tider and Per Gessle, and frankly, a few that don’t exist... I also collect Roxette of course, while I don’t really collect Marie Fredriksson’s solo material. At least not the regular editions. My Roxette collection is probably considered as quite extensive, although it’s by no means complete. Will it ever be? Won’t the fun end then...? 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? I started my collection in 1981 with Moderna Tider (it cost 49 SEK at the local record store). The cost? Jeebus, I have no idea, hundreds of thousands of Swedish kronor? 5. Tell us how you first meet Per and Marie and what you felt?

Interviews with fans, for fans

What does the title mean? It means that we're preparing a surprise for you!
We'll begin a series of interviews with fans. They'll tell you their stories and will shout the odds about their collections.
Why? Because we are a site for ... fans, and it's worth knowing each other.

The first interview will be with ... we won't tell you yet, but you can find him very often on Daily Roxette!
Don't forget to come back, the interview will appear shortly!


This time, we met in Cotroceni. We went to a nice tea house and tasted different flavours of black tea, green tea and fruity tea. We talked about Roxette, old fans and how to meet new fans.

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Ne plan to organize a Roxette Party at a bar / club / pub. We want to meet for several hours, listen to and dance on Roxette. But everyone willing to have fun is invited, even if not a Roxette fan. So, if you have any ideea about this (places, people), don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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Until then, see you at our next meetings! We're waiting for you!

PS: The rest of the pictures here.

Fan meeting, May 1-3, Predeal

So, the 1st of May, which we were all waiting for, finally came. Although the weather didn't seem very friendly, the fans gathered one by one in Predeal, at the hotel where the meeting took place. [All pictures here] The first morning we took a short ride to Busteni and started hiking from there, to Urlatoarea Fall. Some raindrops kept threatening us, but we made it to the fall, were we sat a little and made a whole bunch of pictures. The trip was easy and pleasant, everybody talked about the previous meeting, the other fans, all concerts and autographes. Mi-Odin told us how he met and talked to Per and Marie, about all the concerts he went to. I (Alex) was pretty curious about all these details. [Mi-Odin had some pics of him together with Per and Marie on his phone; i though initially that they were photoshopped :D] Oh, and there is a plant, similar with clover, that is very tasty :) We came back to the hotel pretty soon, both because of the weather and because of something we were all waiting for :D Mi-Odin brought a giftbox with all kinds of Roxette "goodies" (thank you, Cisca, from the (ex)official fanclub for sending them) and everybody received something (Mazarin t-shirts, Per vinyls, Roxette postcards, fanclub magazines etc.) Later, in the evening, we all dined, talked about us and Roxette, and listened to ... guess what :) More details about the party at the next live meeting ;)

Read about us in TvMania!

You can read about us in TvMania magazine, issue 16, at page 92.
In the magazine, you can also find the TV program for the next week (25.04 - 01.05).


Read about us in Compact

Read about us in today's issue of Compact newspaper, page 4, or in the online version.

First reunion of Romanian Roxette Fans

Today, we, some Roxette fans from Romania (more precisely, Bucharest) have had a first reunion.
For the future, we hope for more and more meetings, with lots of members. We are looking forward to seeing you!

PS: Most likely, on the 1st or 2nd of May, we'll have another meeting, somewhere at the mountains, with fans from all over the country. More details on the forum.


Once upon a time, there was... Roxette "Neverending Love" Fan Club, Romania


A few days ago, as I was cleaning... my hard disk, I found a small file on my computer, named "Roxette Fan Club.txt". I curiously opened it, and... I saw the fanclub's old website URL, which I found on Google, a few years ago. It was than when I first found out about a Romanian Fanclub, when I met Ionut and asked him about the fan meetings.

I was glad to see that the site is still up, you can find it here:

Maybe, not very far in the future, we'll be, once again, the "Romanian Division of the Official International Roxette Fan Club".

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