A shirt, a panflute and a portrait! And the crowd!

A very important thing for all the fans was that our presents reached Per and Marie. The organizers granted a backstage pass to me and Miodin, so that we could deliver the gifts.

For Marie, we had a huge basket of flowers, in a very nice arrangement, toghether with a birthday card, a traditional Romanian shirt (called "ie") and some letters from the fans. She was really impressed by the gifts, it could be seen in her eyes!

We gave Per a panflute, which is a Romanian traditional wind instrument. We suggested that he could use it in future Roxette songs, which seemed very interesting to Per :) In fact, he later posted a video on Facebook, saying "The pan flute. Nice gift from a fan will wind up in the AGM Studio!!!! Bukarest!"

For both of them, we also had a very nice portrait, drawn by Horatiu, of whom Per said that he is a very talented fan! So he really liked it!

And maybe the biggest gift for Roxette was the crowd, every single fan that sang Happy Birthday, hummed the lyrics or was simply present at the concert! Thank you Roxette for the wonderful show, and thank you to all the fans who made the beautiful atmosphere!

PS: The flowers were selected by

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