Marie singing Tro with the Romanian fans

Yesterday was a day to remember, full of emotions and surprises. From meeting Per and Marie to the airport, to seeing them for a few minutes at the hotel, then giving the band a tour in Bucharest, and finally the wonderful concert, all were priceless moments that we have been waiting for many many years.

But the fun didn't stop after the concert! We quickly hopped in our "fan van", rushing to the hotel through traffic jams. We parked in front of the hotel, unrolled our banners and waited for Per and Marie to arrive. First came Per and after about half an hour, Marie arrived.

Of course, we started singing Happy Birthday (again!). Marie was very nice, she gave us autographs, talked with the fans and was looking gorgeus! The most exciting moment was when she sang "Tro" together with us, inside the hotel lobby. She really looked happy!

Again, thank you Marie, thank you Per, thank you Roxette! And we hope to see you soon again!

PS: Stay tuned for more videos, photos and articles about the concert day!

Marie Fredriksson at the City tunnel opening


Marie Fredriksson and her husband Mikael Bolyos performed "Tro" at the opening of City tunnel in Malmo, on the 4th of December. You can read more about the event on Expressen and Sydsvenskan.

You can view a video of the performance below and download the mp3 here.

From dream to reality

I guess all Romanian fans remember the message Marie sent us from Goteborg, on the 11th of December, 2008, when Ovidiu Ardelean was there and took a short video with Marie. Back then, a Roxette concert in Romania was only a dream.

[ Hello everybody! I would really love to say hello to all fans from Romania and I hope to see you soon again. Thank you so much for everything you've done for us! ]

And, after almost two years, our dream has become reality: Per and Marie will come in Romania and we will see them. Thank you, Per, thank you, Marie, and see you in Bucharest!

HD Poems for Marie

Happy birthday, Marie!

Our present for you is a series of HD wallpapers, created by Ovidiu Ardelean, especially for you. Each image is in Full HD resolution. Each wallpaper has a poem, written by the same author. We hope you'll enjoy them!


PS: View all the poems, as a gallery, here.


Marie Fredriksson documentary from 1992

Thanx to


Bolyos family’s performance at Monrad’s Fisk & Deli

As Roxetteblog previously reported, Marie Fredriksson, her husband Mikael Bolyos and son Oscar with Pelle Alsing on drums did a suprising performance at Monrad’s, a delicacy shop in Stockholm’s Djursholm, on May 29. There are many photos from the soundcheck and the concert itself on the shop’s official website.

Thanks to Ivanych @ R2R.



Tro from the 10th World Childhood Foundation Gala



The very first video of Marie Fredriksson performing “Tro” on 10th World Childhood Foundation Gala in Gothenburg on May 18th was posted on YouTube yesterday. Though the quality isn’t good, but we can still enjoy it :)


Marie and Family performed at a local restaurant!

Marie Fredriksson seems eager to act, again and again. And so she obviously likes to surprise. A few days ago she appeared, to many people's surprise,  in their home areas, Djursholm, on the local delicatessen shop Monrad's.
It became a mini-folk, a nice-folk-festival, where many of Marie's neighbors came to say hello to her as real rock-fanatics.
On stage there was also her husband Micke Bolyos and his son Oscar, who now has been shown to have every opportunity to be the next big star in the family. Here on WEBB-TV you can see her and his son sing.

Happy Birthday Marie!

Today is a happy day for us, the day a star was born, so thank you Marie from the bottom of our hearts! Leave your messages for Marie here, i'll send a link to her, hopefully:))

Thanks to Ovidiu Ardelean here is a nice poem for Marie.

New competition on Littlemarie

As you well know, coming soon Marie will turn 51. The team of Littlemarie wants to celebrate it with you and her. So, we want to do a new and very special competition. What should you do? Simple, just send to us a question for Marie: “What would you like to ask to Marie Fredriksson that nobody has ever asked her before?” 

The 3 smartest & funniest questions sent will win the contest. These 3 + 2 from the littlemarie team (5 questions in total) will be answered by Marie. We will publish the questions & answers on together with the names of the winners. The winners will have (besides Marie's answer) a great present from littlemarie team.

Send the questions to The limit time to send the questions will be the 30th may. Feel free to send to us your birthday emails for Marie.

The team of Littlemarie wants to thanks to Marie and Mikael for their big help and support to this competition. Thanks a lot!!!!!



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