VH2 and Magnolia as opening act for Roxette at Bucharest


VH2 and Magnolia will open the concert that Roxette will give in Romania. The concert is part of Roxette's 10th tour and is organized by Emagic and sponsored by Avon and Ciuc Premium.

VH2 is composed of some of the most appreciated Romanian musicians of the moment. Gabriel Cotabiţă's band quickly conquered the music charts from the first single “Trece vremea”, which was one of the most listened tracks in 2002. There followed “Dacă n-ai iubi“, “Fiecare zi fără tine” or “Nu-mi mai pasa“, songs loved by every member of the public. In June 2010, VH2 performed as the opening act for the concert sustained by Elton John in Bucharest.

Magnolia is a pretty new project on the Romanian music market. Raluca Leahu, the initiator of the project was only a DJ and TV and radio host one year ago. Together with her colleagues, Dan Leahu (guitar and synth), Radu Anghel (bass) and Bogdan Moroşanu (drums), Raluca brings a new breath in the Romanian music. With a new and unique style, Magnolia conquered the public short after its debut, which was on the same stage with I Blame Coco.



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