It's official: Marie will join Per in his tour!

Per announced via Facebook that Marie will join him in his Party Crasher tour, but only in the concerts inside Sweden. She'll sing with Per all the Roxette songs in the program.
"I couldn't keep the secret anymore, it's way too cool!", sais Per.

Poll results: How far in the East will Per go in his european tour?

So, how far in the East will Per go in his european tour? Here are the poll results, after almost 150 opinions have been registered.

It's 100% certain that Per will include Germany, Norway, Italy in his next european tour. And it's pretty certain (77%) that Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia will see Per, too.
Poland and Hungary have 62% chances of seeing Per, and for Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria, it's almost a toss of a dime: 51%.
It seems that Russia is too far for Per, having only 19% chances for being included in his tour.

At least, that't what the fans think. We are looking froward for any official disclosures. Maybe Per will tell us something on his birthday!

Per: "My target is Europe, now!"


We ask ourselves a simple question: "Why is Per singing in English again?" The answer is even simpler: Per plans an international comeback.
The goal is Europe, says Per for Expressen, and reveales his plans for an European tour.

Next week, "Party Crasher" will be officially released. The first single, "Silly Really", has already topped the Swedish singles charts, and Gessle now hopes that his music "is not just a matter of Blue and Yellow".

It is Europe I work on in the first place, he says, filled with self-confidence.
The only problem is that EMI is a record in tatters. Now I am looking for others who can give the disc in countries in which EMI is almost inexistent.
About U.S., Gessle was there to explore interest in the country where Roxette singles topped the charts four times.

I met Nile Rodgers through a common friend in New York, and it turned out that he loved "Silly really", says Gessle.
Rodgers, who among other things, produced Donna Summer, Madonna and Duran Duran in the'80s, was a member of Chichester - who inspired Gessle during work on "Party crasher".
Per Gessle, who issued a solo disc as never before during the 2000s, seems to fill the calendar for next year. He said that Christoffer Lundqvist and Clarence Öfwerman, his cronies in the studio, were constantly terrorizing his mailbox with suggestions on what songs Gessle should play live.

To play at rock clubs
In Europe, the disc could be out as early as February / March. But, it also could be later. In any case, there will be a tour.
Per Gessle hopes to play in rock clubs, something he says he has never done before, except three Roxette concerts and a solo concert in Norway.
Despite all the focus on "Party crasher", Per says he keeps everything open.

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