Öfwerman is back with The Breeze!

Staffan Öfwerman contacted some Roxette-related sites, including and posted the following message:
Hello there. This is Staffan Öfwerman who used to be in the Roxette band years ago from the Look Sharp tour until MTV unplugged. Back then I had my own band (as a lead singer, musician and songwriter) called The Breeze. Actually it was just a duo back then and we played all the instruments ourselves in the studio. I know a lot of Roxette fans all over the world bought our singles, so I thought I should send the message here. I used to get a lot of letters and nowadays I get a lot of e-mails asking why we disbanded The Breeze. Well, I’m glad to say that I’ve now found some great guys who love the music and wanted me to come back and write good music again. So I decided to reform the band with these new guys and do what we are good at - great music for you people. Take a look at our brand new web site and listen to short soundclips, sign the guestbook, join the newsletter to be updated or sign the message board and get an answer to your questions from someone in the band. Please inform whoever it may concern. This will be probably great. Enjoy The Breeze Staffan Öfwerman
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