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Fan meeting and stories from the concerts

        We waited so long for this story for multiple reasons. One of them was that we waited for all our fans who went to Per’s concerts to come back and to arrange a meeting between us to tell how it was. So we did that, and here is what we found out. Per was great, the band was great and the fans were delighted to meet and greet with everyone around. There are some great stories, but we will present just two of them, hopefully the others will come. So here at Gallery button on the left menu you can see photos from our meetings, soon will upload the old pictures also, but meanwhile enjoy.


Well, first it was like a crazy plan to go to one of the Per’s concerts was just a dream, but later on thanks to my husband I (Elena)  managed to go to Prague’s concert along with Maria . It was a trip to remember. The concert was on Thursday evening, so we arrived on Wednesday and had plenty of time to visit the city and take some pictures. After some walks on Thursday morning, we decided to see where Lucerna Hall is so with our map we started to ask people and arrived there at 12 o‘clock. The concert was at 8 o’clock in the evening and we had a lot of time to kill between these hours. What is to be done?


Fan meeting about the upcoming tour

We meet last night at the  Bruno bar, near Lipscani and in an open atmosphere we talked about what we are going to do at the concert. It seems that Alex decided that such an experience it's worth, for one's in a lifetime...He was the one who brought us the singles Sing Along which are superb.Next meeting maybe you will come too.


Domnica in Sweden!


Some of my friends call me lucky, other call me nostalgic, that I lost my mind or that I try to fulfill my desires with persistence and courage... I can't not find an attribute for me, and I don’t even bother with that... all I know is that I feel happy, but also sad... happy because, although an adult, I live a part of an adolescent’s dream, and sad because I wish it would've lasted longer, much longer...
And I know that I want to tell you why I feel like that because I want to share with you everything I saw and felt for a few days in Stockholm.
How did I end up there? From an impulse, a need to leave Bucharest and escape from everything that was wrong around me for about three weeks before, and live something different and fantastic.
The luck (hmm... talk about the fact that they call me lucky) made that this urge to go coincided with two events: the Stjarnklart gala where Marie was about to sing and the launching of Per’s new album „Party Crasher”. So, for a few days I was in a carousel - reserving the plane tickets, the hotel room, negotiating a ticket at the gala, shopping for the last moments and entire evenings spent at work to leave things in order for the time of my absence.
With all my tickets, vouchers and things to carry, I took off on the morning of the 25th of December toward Stockholm; actually first to Warsaw because there was the first stop. At Warsaw I arrived well, only to find out that because of bad weather the take off was postponed. Nothing alarming, just some of the persons who were waiting were already nervous because a day before it happened again. But here the luck intervened once again and this time the plane took off only a little late.

May meeting


As you already know we have meet one more time, on our monthly meeting. We discuss a lot, we talk about our local elections (for mayor), we came with a strategy to save the planet and we discover how to prolong life :)) You can see pictures from the meeting here and we invite all those who couldn't come to join us next time, around the end of June. ROx on!


Fan meetings

As you already know, fans are meeting in Bucharest, the meetings taking place once per month. We talk, we laugh, we exchange interesting opinions and cds / materials with Roxette. There will also be a meeting at Cheia, on the 1st of May. Everyone's invited! We'll spread some free Roxette materials!

You ca find pictures from meetings at the Gallery section:


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