From Per's Blog - episode 2

As we promissed, here's another episode with posts from Per's Blog. This time, we give you some posts in which Per speaks about the En Handig Man tour. Enjoy!
July 14, 2007 By bus Hi! Greetings from the second apartment, right in front on the left, the red/mauve bus. We turned off the aircon, just to sweat a bit in the summer sun, I mean my voice has its influence on the aircon when I sing... but what can you do, sweat has its own use! The tour has passed through the Halmstad premiere and through the joyfull Linköping. I was thinking that the premiere was more than a splendido, but now I wonder if Linköping was even sharper yesterday. The band thought it would be o fail. We had almost 5000 people this Friday, the 13th of July, and their reaction was excellent. Thanx to all of you who have been there! We rehearsed "Om du bara vill" on the bus on the way between Tylösand and Linköping and in the evening, we also made a soundcheck and arranged the acoustics as for „Gungar” that we like to play sometimes. Tonight, Sandviken is waiting for us. See you soon. P. PS. The best on the bus "If you go away" with Scott Walker and "Time of the season" with THe Zombies July 15, 2007 Towards Dalarna On the bus again all this beautiful Sunday. Glorious evening in Sandviken yesterday, 4700 people, 25 songs, 3 chords. It started raining in Kung av Sandviken but otherwise was a perfect Saturday. Great people wanting more than anything to listen to old GT-hits that they know so well. We’re on the way to Leksand on a new train. The band is playing, Gabriel shoots something on his computer game, MP reads MC-new. You can hear Little Willy with the Sweet in the background. That's all. P. July 16, 2007 Leaving Lexand!

Marie opens new exhibition


According Kjell Andersson, A&A of EMI Sweden, Marie Fredriksson will do a new expo. The opening will be tomorrow 7th, Thursday. It will be in the same art gallery as the last one in 2005: in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.
They have made a new catalogue for the expo. So, at the moment we havent more dates or if Marie will be doing any signings this time.

Source: LittleMarie News

Per Bought Luxury Car

Along with the three Ferraries, a Porsche, a Mercedes and two motorcycles, Per owns now a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom, 2005 model, bought in december. The automobile is worth 2,3 million SEK (250,000 euros).

Sources: Expressen, Realtid

Interview with Marie

In the first half of the clip, Marie sings the first single from "Min bäste vän": "Sommaräng". In the second half, you can see an interview. The clip is from the summer of 2006. Translation of the interview: H: Hi Marie. It is beautiful to have you here MF: thanks a lot. H: What a great song! MF: Yeah H: John Holm’s sommaräng. MF: It is. H: It is a song from your new album, which you haven’t written by yourself this time.How did you choose the songs? MF: I have searched among old records at home. I searched a lot and then in the end I picked up what it is perfect. It is very hard to explain. It just happened so! H: How does it feel to sing again? MF: It is great, fantastic! H: Everyone knows that you have been ill and however managed to record a new record? MF: Ohhh, I am not ill anymore. Not anymore. H: Really? MF: Yes, of course. H: So how do you feel right now? MF: Very well. H: Really. MF: Now, it is finished. H: Is there something different, nowadays? MF: Yes, I take it easy every day. To take one day at time is the best I have learnt to do. I am so happy to live, it is so wonderful. H: When you were anguished and scared, which was the most difficult thing during that period? Which way did you use to handle the situation? MF: Yeah, I am feel safe inside of me. And I have a beautiful family. This is the best. H:Your husband Micke is here. MF: Yeah. H: He is at the keyboards. MF: He has been a great help.

Making of Son of a Plumber

In the above video, you can see how Son of a Plumber was born, and how it came to be one of Per's best albums. Video courtesy of

Shopping with Mother - Per Gessle moments

In the above video, you can see a collection with the best and funniest moments with Per Gessle, from Boston Tea Party. Enjoy!

Per wrote the new musical theme of “Boston Tea Party” Swedish Show - “Shopping with Mother”

Despite of having a full year in 2007, (the “En Händig Man” album and tour kept him busy for more than half of the year), Per didn’t take a long break. Beginning September 24, he became the permanent guest of the “Boston Tea Party” Show, broadcasted by the Swedish TV Channel Kanal 5.
The directors and the two hosts of the show, Fredrik and Filip have chosen Per to be the composer of the new musical theme of the show. Therefore, along 9 weeks, the two guys followed Per creating the new song, being witnesses of his funny and surprising behavior which might have confused the viewers who have known the Swedish pop-star as a very “quiet” person.

Along these weeks, Per is constantly making fun of Fredrik and Filip who are trying to get at least a bit of the song, but all they find is a nasty Per who avoids them or closes the door in their noses. Surprisingly, on October 22, the two guys meet a very friendly Per in his studio in Skåne, who is willing to hand them the demo of the new song. Short happiness though for them, when they realise that Per handed them the “Gå och fiska!” disc; no new song!
But surprises are not at the end! In the show broadcasted on November 19, Fredrik and Filip reach the studio exactly when Per is threatening to commit suicide! In one of the darkest rooms in his studio, Per is sitting on the floor with a gun in his mouth terrifying the people around him. Even the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet is writing about this episode, under a malicious headline “Per continues to make a fool of himself in the Boston Tea Party show”.

From Per's Blog

We thought that it would be very nice for the fans (especially for those who don't know Swedish) to translate* posts from Per's official Blog: We'll begin a series of episodes with such articles, we hope you'll enjoy!
Here's episode 1, posted by Per in may 2007: Pirate evening
Last night I was at the cinema, with a happy son, some strange unsalted popcorn and some juice that had no flavour. The pirates of Caribbean islands came to town. I hadn’t seen the other movies of the series, but this one was… hmmmm… good… or long… or good and long in a way. Keith Richards stayed late and this was great for us who remember Exile on Main Street. Some almost dead guys from Strix-TV were there and they poured water on the state ministry and Carola. Humor? Funny? What? Help! Today I woke up at daylight again with the shady colorful calls of the summer around me. The first thing on the agenda – the blinding duo Adam & Gry of Mix/Megapol. They are the best in town, I think. It’s always fun to go there and drink their great Twin Peaks coffee. Nothing new under the sun, if you ask me… More interviews in the same DN building, then some rushing autographs for some rushing autograph hunters and then a car ride with Johan’s Japanese red monster to the state Swedish radio network in the sunny Östermalm, for a new, long and deep analysis about how a handy man is living on this Earth. A record company! Video meetings! Walks home! I have listened to Mascot’s “Stones Fell” in the kitchen with the volume to the max and meantime I blogged a bit. Now we’re listening to Blondie’s „Atomic” on the stairs in front of the house. Aaaahhhhhhh......
[ * Maria, thanks for the translations! ]

Per talking about "En händig man"

HALMSTAD - Here are exclusive comments from the hand of Per Gessle regarding the songs on "En händig man." Consider them a holiday gift for you who have listened to the album for a few days now. En händig man Was written on the balcony on a sunny day in Halmstad last summer. The title and the main idea for the lyrics came first. We recorded 2 versions in the studio in Skåne. The first one (which we now refer to as "En händig man (blåser)” /btw. ”blåser” means “to blow”/ sounds totally different with a quite a big intro and with a… that's right, a brass-section. I didn't really like it, it felt like the original idea got lost in the shuffle and my voice sort of disappeared in this big mess… so we made a new, more “primitive” take and that one became the opening track and the first single! Pratar med min müsli (hur det än verkar) Did an acoustic demo in Tits & Ass last summer that turned out really cool. When I played it for C&C (Clarence Öfwerman & Christoffer Lundquist) totally new things popped up in their amazing minds. Suddenly we had a "Doors organ", a rattling drum beat in the choruses and The Lovely Helena (Josefsson) blessing the middle eight. I was overjoyed of course! The lyrics, I’m sure you know, are about a lonely sod sitting by himself talking to his breakfast about how great everything will be… maybe… eventually… Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke

Marie talking about "The Change"

Marie comments about the songs from "The change", album released in november 2004. The Change - An obvious song to open with and a natural title for the album. 2nd Chance - My song of happiness. I wrote the text very quickly. It was just there. All pieces fell into place and after this song the writing became a joy. All You Gotta Do Is Feel - This is Micke's song that he wrote a couple of years ago and one of my favourites. The entire composition is brash and loud (rock-n-roll) somemething I really love! April Snow - I wrote this song some time ago, when good friends of mine decided to go their separate ways. You get inspired by many things in life, not just your own. Love 2 Live - When we were on holiday in Miami, there was this guy playing in a bar. It happened to be Gary T, who was once with the same Swedish record company as Micke. Together, they finished the words to this song that Micke had already started. Mother - Recording this song was very special "we only made one recording. I felt such strength at that moment in time. A feeling that would be impossible to recreate, impossible to sing again". Many Times - One of many songs on the album recorded live with the band in the studio. There was such energy . I love those recordings and I am glad we have found a way back to that. All About You - This is actually a love song to me, written by Micke. Everyone ought to have a love song. The Good Life - Somehow, I feel that this classic is a key song for the album since it was the first song we recorded, initiating the entire project. Bad Moon - I originally wrote this song for Roxette many years ago. It just did not seem right at the time, but I have always liked Bad Moon and have kept it until now.
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