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New! Special Roxette Wallpapers, with lyrics!

Fresh stuff for all Roxette fans from!
We just opened a new Wallpapers section! This time, you can find LOTS (we mean it!) wallpapers, containing lyrics from Roxette, Per or Marie songs.

Get your wallpapers in ;)


[ Thanks to Ovidiu Ardelean for all the work! :) ]

First reunion of Romanian Roxette Fans

Today, we, some Roxette fans from Romania (more precisely, Bucharest) have had a first reunion.
For the future, we hope for more and more meetings, with lots of members. We are looking forward to seeing you!

PS: Most likely, on the 1st or 2nd of May, we'll have another meeting, somewhere at the mountains, with fans from all over the country. More details on the forum.


Interview with Marie - subtitled

Thanks to Diego, you can see the subtitled version of the interview with Marie (for Nyhetsmorgon, the 9th of February): Part 1: Part 2:

Marie - end of her second exhibition

Today it had finished the second exhibition that Marie Fredriksson has realized from 2005. It began on February 7 under a great discrection.
The exhibition has been a success of public and of sales. Practically 300 catalogues (prize: 295 Sek) have disappeared. A great number of fans has flown from different points of the planet to see the fantastic works that there Marie Fredriksson has painted.
Let's hope that it is not her last exhibition that she realizes and even the great Swedish artist wants to do a session of signature of books for her fans.

Source: Little Marie

The World just got bigger

Per Gessle's (or rather "Gessle's") album from 1997 will be re-released on EMI/Elevator Entertainment in a "super duper extra turbo deluxe with cheese on" edition in May! The album is now a double with tons of nice bonuses and a new extended sleeve with an interview added. The videos, you wonder? They will not be included on the album, but will be available on various Gessle-sites. Bonus trax CD 1: 1. Kix-Cha-Cha "ghost track" 2. Love Doesn't Live Here OUTTAKE FROM ALBUM + B-SIDE KIX 3. Always Breaking My Heart (30 May 1995) B-SIDE DO YOU WANNA… 4. I Wanna Be With You (2 Nov 1994) B-SIDE DO YOU WANNA… 5. Blue Umbrella (15 June 1993) B-SIDE I WANT YOU TO KNOW 6. Jupiter Calling (3 Aug 1995) B-SIDE I WANT YOU TO KNOW 7. Let’s Party! (14 July 1988) B-SIDE I WANT YOU TO KNOW 8. Kix (Lovely Pair Mix) B-SIDE KIX CD 2 – demos that were made for the album: 1. There is My Baby (27 June 1994) 2. I’ll be Alright (16 July 1994) 3. June Afternoon (17 July 1994) 4. T-t-t-Take It! (12 Sep 1994) 5. Every Day Outside My Window (28 Dec 1995) 6. Love Doesn’t Live Here (25 Feb 1996) 7. Detective Jones (29 Feb 1996) 8. Beautiful Things, Terrible Things (7 April 1996) 9. Elvis in Deutschland (26 April 1996) 10. Makin’ Love to You (acoustic version) (9 June 1996) 11. Lay Down Your Arms (23 June 1996) 12. Do You Wanna be My Baby? (12 Aug 1996) 13. B-Any-1-U-Wanna-B (24 Oct 1996) 14. Saturday (2 Nov 1996) 15. Wish You the Best (3 Nov 1996) 16. I Want You to Know (28 Dec 1996) 17. Kix (2 Jan 1997)
Notes from Per: 1. "Elvis in Deutschland" was recorded about a year after the "Elvis in Germany"-demo. I did it because I wasn't quite satisfied with the chorus of "EIG"!!! "EID" has a totally different chorus (and different chorus lyrics) and is a ballad, sorta… But I went back to "EIG," a wise decision if you ask me…

Video - interview with Marie

Here's the video with the interview we talked about in the previous article (interview Marie gave for Nyhetsmorgon, on the 9th of February).

Marie - a new smile, a new perspective, and why not, a new Roxette comeback!

Here you can find the translation of the interview Marie gave to Swedish tv show Nyhetsmorgon. Sources: Forum RTR, Roxette on TV

According Marie Fredriksson, Roxette will be back


According the comments of the Roxette fan, Roxette-atic, in the morning interview made to Marie Fredriksson in the tv channel Tv4, she is certain that Roxette will be back. The reporter asked her if she really had the power to do a big comeback but she replied that maybe she and Per could do something a little bit smaller than before. Per and her are talking all the time about a comeback.

The video online of the interview. interview.

Source:, Tv4

Ett bord i solen - Marie’s second exhibition


STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson opened her second exhibition today - Ett bord i solen - at the same gallery as last time. The gallery formerly known as Dr Glas is now called So Stockholm and is located at Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. The exhibition will be open until February 17 and the gallery is open Monday thru Friday 11:00-17:30 and Saturday, Sunday 13:00-16:00.

Like last time there's a limited edition book (300 copies) sold exclusively at the gallery. The book contains six pictures of Marie and some text plus pictures of 37 pieces of art.


The vernissage was held yesterday, February 7 and the invitation was a very limited CD single with the song "Ett bord i solen." Many of the pieces were sold yesterday. Prices range, according to The Daily Roxette's source, from 20,000 kronor to more than 40,000 kronor. (Roughly 2000€ to 4000€.) This art is described as very similar to last time, only with the addition of colors.

Marie will appear on TV4's Nyhetsmorgon tomorrow morning at approximately 9:30.

Source: Daily Roxette

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