Crashing through the doors

Vanilla Ninja, power pop trio formed by Lenna Kuurmaa (vocals), Piret Järvis (guitar) si Katrin Siska (keyboards), a rocking girl band that is a well known act in the Central European scene, and now in Latin America, after participating successfully in the biggest summer Festival in Latin America, the Festival of Viña del Mar, this past February.
Before the girls will go on tour next June in the Baltic states, and their second visit to several countries in Latin America in July - August, they want to release a single to warm up the audience. After discussing this issue with Hector Faune, their manager/promoter for Latin America, Hector proposed to get in touch with Per Gessle from Roxette to have a possible song co-operation, as he feels Vanilla Ninja's music has lots of similarities to Roxette's uptempo and power ballad style.

When Per was approached for a co-operation he sent over two demos; "T-t-t-take it!" and "Every Day Outside My Window" but the girls felt these particular songs didn't suit them; "Per kindly sent us two songs, and we picked one to use for the next release" says Lenna, vocalist in Vanilla Ninja. The song, "Crashing Through The Doors," is composed by Per Gessle, with original lyrics from Piret Järvis and Lenna Kuurmaa. Readers of The Daily Roxette will be pleased to know this is an English version of Per Gessle's "Spegelboll" from the highly successful "Mazarin" album released in 2003.

On the question if this will be the start of a bigger co-operation with Per, Lenna replies: "Probably. I hope so. He himself was also very interested in it, but unfortunately a person who's as famous as him, his calendar is planned for a year or two."

You can listen to the hole song here:

The lyrics :
We’re crashing through the doors
To get the cherry-tasting cream

Marie Fredriksson gets a new award

Last May 19 the Society of Swedish Popular Music Composers, known as the SKAP, granted to Marie Fredriksson the prize from the Fred Winters Memorial Fund, valued for 40.000 SEK (approximately 4.500 Euros).
SKAP distribute 35 stipends valued at SEK 40 000 each. Around 25 of these will be so-called SKAP-stipends. These can be awarded to authors within the whole range of popular music genres. One cannot apply to get these stipends - the awards are made by the Board.
SKAP organises professionally active music authors (composers, lyricists and arrangers) covering a wide range of genres. From jazz to folk music, from theatre & film music to children’s music, from pop and rock to hip-hop and heavy metal.
SKAP was founded in 1926, primarily with a goal to secure and distribute composers’ royalties from sales of gramophone records – this was opposed at the time by music publishers, and SKAP was a response to this opposition.
SKAP has 800 members including such well known names as Benny Andersson (ABBA),Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson (Roxette) and Esbjörn Svensson (jazz).
The awards were delivered at 18.30pm in the prestigious GRAND HOTEL in the Vinterträdgården room, placed in Stockholm.

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Another contest


With the permision of Marie Dimberg from the managment of Roxette, we have for you 3 biographies of Marie Fredriksson made by the team of Littlemarie.

A magazine/book with 40 full colour pages. Din A4 format. Do you want one of these limited biographies of Marie?

Participate in our contest. Send to us the answer to this question:

1.- Which is the date and the place of Marie Fredriksson's birth?

2.- You must send to us your answer to:
The winners will have one magazine for person. Mails with virus won´t be accepted.

3.- The competition will start May 19th, 2008 and will finish May 31th, 2008.

4.- June 1th we will put the 3 winners in this blog ( --- n.t.)

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The lyrics from the released- TWAG


Lyrics from the released TWAG. It includes the demos .

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Detective Jones Jones

He went away
So far away on a holiday
He met a girl in a greasy bar
He should've known he wouldn't get that far
They found him in a trunk of a car

This is a case for Detective Jones
He's gonna start his own investigation
An S.O.S to Detective Jones
He's busy on the phones across the nation

This girl
Really famous all around the world
Did she fall down from that balcony
Or was it murder of the first degree?
It all remains a mystery

This is a case for Detective Jones
He's gonna start his own investigation
An S.O.S. to Detective Jones
He's busy on the phones across the nation

Oooh - here he comes
The man's got a master plan
Oooh - here he comes

Our Jones has got his marker down

This is a case for Detective Jones
You'll never walk alone when he's in your town
A cry for help to Detective Jones
He's busy on the phones, preparing a showdown now

© Jimmy Fun Music

Beautiful Things, Terrible Things

Beautiful things
Are comin’ my way
Beautiful things
I want them to stay
But after a while
My beautiful things
Don’t seem beautiful at all

Terrible things
Like when you wake up
And all of your dreams
Seem to crack up
Like things you have done
Like breakin’ my heart
For you it don’t seem
Terrible at all

Is there someone I can talk to?
Is there someone on the line?
Does anybody want to hear
What’s on my mind?

Beautiful things
Like leaves on a tree
Beautiful things
The sky and the sea
Since you’ve been gone
All beautiful things
Don’t seem
Beautiful to me

Is there someone I can talk to?
Is there someone on the line?
Does anybody want to hear
What’s on my mind?

Fan meeting, May 1-3, Predeal

So, the 1st of May, which we were all waiting for, finally came. Although the weather didn't seem very friendly, the fans gathered one by one in Predeal, at the hotel where the meeting took place. [All pictures here] The first morning we took a short ride to Busteni and started hiking from there, to Urlatoarea Fall. Some raindrops kept threatening us, but we made it to the fall, were we sat a little and made a whole bunch of pictures. The trip was easy and pleasant, everybody talked about the previous meeting, the other fans, all concerts and autographes. Mi-Odin told us how he met and talked to Per and Marie, about all the concerts he went to. I (Alex) was pretty curious about all these details. [Mi-Odin had some pics of him together with Per and Marie on his phone; i though initially that they were photoshopped :D] Oh, and there is a plant, similar with clover, that is very tasty :) We came back to the hotel pretty soon, both because of the weather and because of something we were all waiting for :D Mi-Odin brought a giftbox with all kinds of Roxette "goodies" (thank you, Cisca, from the (ex)official fanclub for sending them) and everybody received something (Mazarin t-shirts, Per vinyls, Roxette postcards, fanclub magazines etc.) Later, in the evening, we all dined, talked about us and Roxette, and listened to ... guess what :) More details about the party at the next live meeting ;)

Per - likes collecting...

... cars and motorcycles. Here is the list of Per's properties in this domain: Cars: Ferrari 456 GT, 1996, dark-blue, AYR 707 Mercedes Benz 420 T, 1997, black, JJD 747 Mercedes Benz 600 SL, 1993, light red, POU 631 Volvo Combi (Åsa & Per), dark green, JJP 747 Range Rover (Åsa), grey, BPF 250 Rolls Royce Phantom, 2005 Motorcycles: Indian Big Chief, 1947, red, PGN 615 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, 1993, black-white, PGL 927 Harley Davidson (Åsa), turqouise, 2 WOODY


Happy Easter! The team at wishes you the best for these holidays! Enjoy and be happy together with your family!

View Marie's works from her second exhibition (Ett bord i solen)

In the gallery section you can now view Marie's works, from february 2008, at Ett bord i solen.
You can also see some pictures of Marie that were published in the exhibition's album.


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