Per Gessle - They call us artists (PART 3 - the last part)

Rep: What does Per Gessle have so that everything that he does, functions? If you understand what I mean…

Christoffer: I think it his handicapped vocal cords J) (laughs) It is something special with his voice. Anyway, the songs, the texts are fantastic altogether. But his voice transmits you something special, it is his voice that all in the world want to hear, no matter what language he talks. He can sing in Spanish, it doesn’t matter, he will sell over one million albums anyway.

Clarence: Yes, it is a combination of a teen-ager and an adult. But he is that type of person who doesn’t have a rest, just do this and do that all the time! He should always have something to do, write a new song, write something, make a new album…

Per Gessle - They call us artists (PART 2)

Per: Super! This was an early idea of the album, it was, in a way, the key. It wanted to be good to dance on.  You listen to old songs from Bee Gees and you think: what is that thing that turns you to dance? Then you try to take that idea and you have also your own ideas… like ABBA did Dancing Queen from Rock Your Baby, with George McCrae.

Rep: Can you take your guitar and show it? Which guitar shall I take?

Christoffer: You can choose by yourself. You can loan one if you want J

Per: We have tried to take away the boundaries as much as we could, but sometimes it is… well, one of the conditions is to believe by yourself that the song is good. There are many songs that have become more classical, but it’s great because you like them.

Rep: So, Helena, what do you think…so you have started to sing a lot here, it is not the first time when you do it…

Helena: Yes, that’s right.

Per Gessle - They call us artists (PART 1)

Per: In the program “Dom kallar oss artister” of this evening you will follow me, Per Gessle, into the studio.

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Roxette pops back for a new joyride

PER Gessle deliberately evaded the past. "I stopped writing Roxette records," Gessle says. "I avoided it to become myself again."

Roxette, the Swedish pop duo of Gessle and singer Marie Fredriksson, dominated for a decade with hits including The Look, It Must Have Been Love, Listen To Your Heart and Joyride, before illness halted them.

In 2002, Fredriksson was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, she won her fight against cancer three years later.

Meanwhile, Gessle and Fredriksson released solo records.

Two years ago, during a solo show, Gessle asked Fredriksson to join him on stage to sing The Look and It Must Have Been Love.

"To be honest, she was nervous and didn't have that self-confidence," Gessle says. "But the reception she got was amazing. People were cheering and crying. They knew it was special."

Roxette had reformed.

Åsa Gessle about her interest for design

Rep: Åsa, congratulations, welcome to the studio.

Åsa: Thank you.

Roxette - 25 years

Gyllene Tider - The making of "Teaser Japanese"


An airplane has arrived at Bromma Airport in Stockholm. One weekend at the end of January a lot of people came to the airport, as they were planning to record a music video.

Roxette - 20 years

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