Roxette visits Mannheim - a review

MANNHEIM - After shortly visiting my cousin and her family in Calw (birthplace of Hermann Hesse), it was time to move on to Mannheim. A dear friend of mine, was already waiting outside the SAP Arena. So far, we attended different shows and it was our first indoor concert of the current tour for both of us. We were excited about the new touring equipment (stage and lights) and of course we wanted to hear "C!B!B!" and "Soul Deep." At this time, we didn’t know what to expect. More and more people showed up at the SAP arena. It seemed that approximately 70 % of the tickets were sold. Support act Mobilée did a good job and the audience honored their performance. But everyone was waiting for Roxette to enter the stage. Then at 9.00 PM they started with "Dressed for Success“ followed by "Sleeping in My Car“.

A group from Halmstad will open Roxette concerts in Sweden

 The group Vikunja from Halmstad will open Roxette concerts when they come back to Sweden to play in Malmö and Stockholm at the beginning of November. 

Vikunja is a young band from Halmstad with the future in front, a band which has got a lot of attention, even if they haven't released their first album yet. 

Vikunja opened Roxette concerts even last year. 

It is Per Gessle who has seen some materials from this band and since then, he has played them at his radioshow Nordic Rox, on the American satellite radio channel Sirius XM. 

The group is still writing in the studio together with the producer Mats Valentin who earlier worked with Carpark North, Viktorious and Kelly Clarksson. Vikunja's music can be described as ordinary radio pop songs, mixed with arenarock sound, everything with a clear British influence. 

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Roxette: The comeback to Vienna arena


Roxette: The comeback to the Vienna arena

Almost ten years – so long the fans had to wait until Roxette had a new concert at Vienna arena. The fact that this was possible last Monday was a real wonder. Because the singer Marie Fredriksson needed a long time to recover after the brain tumour. The fans celebrated this perfect comeback show in a crazy way.

"We forgot this one!" – "But we haven’t forgotten this!" Exactly at the end of the concert the guitar player Per Gessle showed that he didn’t lose his smile and turns the fans hot for an extra moment: "Listen To Your Heart", one of the biggest classic songs from Roxette. There is a very good mood once again for everyone.

Per Gessle at 'Sen kväll' (=Late evening) show with Luuk

 Rep: Congratulations, Per, have a seat, please!  

Per: Thank you!

Rep: welcome here! It is really nice having you here. I am a huge fan!

Per: Yes, I know it J

Rep: Is it the first time when you are sitting alone on this sofa, right? Or at least it was long time ago.

Per: Yes, it is in fact. I couldn’t decide upon my coat. It is not like this it should be.

Rep: A few years ago you could try few different coats, anyway. But that time you were with Marie all the time.

Roxette: Recording 'Look Sharp'

 Marie: Through music you get feelings, from the beginning, you can press a button on a machine and just get a feeling. I like the technique that exists, if you have control on it, you don’t have to make a mess in this technique. It must be us who have to help the machine all the time, you record your voice or a guitar, you can mix them, I think that it’s a good combination.  

Per: Indeed, you can work on a song one month, you keep it in that machine and perhaps you find new sounds, you control it all the time.

Marie: I think that music is like an art, it is something that you cannot export if it’s not good.

Per: Almost all musicians work like this nowadays, almost all use the same type of sync, the same type of machines. So it takes a long time to find your own sound, all want to find the best sound using the best technique to make the best music. The same way, unfortunately. Nowadays the music is more stable than it was few years ago, regarding sound. If you don’t have a good material, it is no worth to stay here in the studio as it costs a lot of money.

Roxette at TV4 News 1991 (english subtitles)

Interview with Marie Fredriksson from ZTV '96

 Rep: You came to Halmstad in the ‘70s. How was it? Can you describe the musical scene that was there that time?

Marie: It was intense. I came there in 1977 from a little village called Östra Ljungby, I moved to Halmstad in ’77, yes, it was that year. And Gyllene Tider existed there, they had just started... and a lot of other bands who started to grow up that time, in ’78. It felt like all could play, all could make a band, it was many who learned to play very quickly, but it didn’t matter, all could play together! And we made a festival where all could play. There was a really active music life at the end of the ’70 in Halmstad.

Rep: Didn’t Six Piece play also that time in Halmstad?

2003 - Marie is working for a new solo album

She sings again Marie Fredriksson prepares to come back on stage. LAst year she stayed away from the audience and had a rest after the cancer operation. The photo was taken 2001.

Beautiful, heavy and full of dignity

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