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Per Gessle: Roxette Return Will Happen
03/27/09 3:23pm
by Phil Villeneuve (CHARTattack)



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Per Gessle is a massive pop star in Sweden.
He's sold millions of albums worldwide, sold out stadiums, had multiple comebacks and headed successful solo and band careers. But you only know him (if you do) as "the guy from Roxette."Gessle's musical endeavours of late have been focused on Sweden, doing material in his native language. But Party Crasher, his shiny-new English pop record, will be released internationally."I've been very lucky," Gessle said in his clean Swedish accent. "In addition to Roxette and my solo English career, I have a Swedish thing going.
"My previous band [Gyllene Tider], which is enormous in Sweden, and since 2003 my solo career has also had massive success. So I've been really fortunate to be able to pick and choose between all of them, basically. "That is one of the reasons that I wanted to do Party Crasher, because I thought, 'Hey, I have to leave this country because I've been touring so much here.' You know that old saying, 'How can we miss you if you won't go away?'
"I felt like that here. I've released so much music because I have so many branches on the tree. I'm like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm a movie star and a politician."Party Crasher was produced with longtime collaborators Clarence Ofwerman and Christoffer Lundquist (who've worked with him since the glory days of Roxette) and is a pure pop effort complete with '80s synths, heavily melodic ballads and a punchy Euro-dance sound. First single "Silly Really" is a perfect example of the new direction.
But who really cares about that. What about Roxette?Marie Fredriksson, the bodacious blonde face of Roxette, was forced out of the spotlight in 2002 after she developed a brain tumor. Though she successfully got rid of the cancer, Fredriksson lost the ability to read and write. She still has trouble with her balance at times, Gessle explains, but otherwise the woman is in top form and ready for a Roxette comeback... potentially."I think there will be more Roxette stuff in the future. Of course, life changed totally for Marie when she got ill. She's slowly but surely coming back."We basically avoided the subject for years. But now we're talking about maybe we should do something. I actually met with her yesterday to talk about it.
"I'm sure something will happen. I don't know when. We were actually having fun playing the old songs acoustically, just to see how it felt, and she was perfectly on pitch and still knows all the lyrics by heart. But it's up to her. I don't want to push."A lot has changed in the music world since Gessle was on top internationally. Even with his age and experience, his love for pop music is still as vibrant as ever. "It's really hard to get on the radio if you're 50 and you're playing pop music," he says bluntly. "I'm not supposed to do that.
"I'm supposed to do rock records or whatever. So many times I hear, 'We would love to put this song on the radio if you were, like, 25. Why don't you give this song away to some young guy?' It's sad, but that's the reality."What's funny is that Gessle's boyish singing voice sounds exactly the same as it did when he was 25. His voice and attitude are ageless."I've become a better singer over the years I think, but I sound exactly the same. In Roxette, I thought it was a stroke of genius to use my voice the way we did, because Marie sang 80 per cent of the songs. But that 20 per cent of me was also crucial. "'Pay The Price' or 'Dress For Success,' when I'm doing middle parts, it's so efficient to use a voice like mine in that manner. I also know my limitations as a singer, so I don't try and do the most horrendous R&B stuff. I realized early on I wasn't Otis Redding."

Hope i will have time, to go to Per concert on 4 may in London!

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hi Dan, thanxs for sharing,
If you go to the concert wil you tell us about? Do you have yahoo mess or facebook ?
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