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Here is the 5th interview with fans, for fans! Read about Blanka, from LittleMarie. [ Previous episodes: Tevensso | Muriel | Mikael | Jorge ]
1. What's your name and profession? Where do you live? My name is Blanca. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer. I live in Spain. 2. How did you become a fan? Well, I had always been a fan of Madonna. But that year, in 1989, Roxette climbed to number 1 with "The Look", opposite to Madonna's "Like to prayer". Something changed. I liked Marie Fredriksson's rock look and Per Gessle's powerful guitars. A friend from the college recorded me the tape "Look Sharp!". Her brother bought it in London, while he was on Erasmus. The rest is history. 3. What does your collection consist of? I just have materials of Roxette and Marie Fredriksson. Since 1990, I have been buying video recordings (VHS), first, and DVDs, later. I have lots of bootlegs CDs (bought in music fairs), displays, sheets, pins, photos, posters... but any fan has very much more material than I have. Also, I just have a fixation for Marie Fredriksson. I try to collect absolutely everything about her! 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? In the first years, when I was young, I didn't have enough money to buy all that I wanted about Roxette. I saved my money to buy by mail, thanks to friends, penpals, and music magazines. I have been collecting all my materials since 1990. 5. Tell us how did you first meet Per and/or Marie and what you did fell? I have been lucky to know Marie and Per together, just one time. But it was worth. It was in a signature session for Room Service, in 2001, in the album presentation, in Madrid. There, I was so lucky to meet with a lot of fans and the day was brilliant. When Roxette was signing my CD, I could not believe it. Finally, after so many years, they were in front of me and they were spending their time with me. It was incredible. 6. Tell us some funny story about Per and/or Marie. Don’t have any, sorry! 7. What is the most priceless item from your collection? A Roxbox signed by them. It was a gift from a person that I admire very much. Also, I have a little box with pins, made specially by another great friend of me. A very rare item. 8. What are the sites that you manage? (littlemarie’s news) (rox art site) (my own art site) (art web site) 9. What means taking care of a site? What exactly are you doing? Well, I love to spend my time thinking about Marie’s fans. I love to surprise them, and for this, I try to do my best. I design the website, I search a lot of things, I buy articles to scan, photos... and I talk with Michi and the rest of the collaborators about news, photos, wallpapers, videos and so on... 10. How many concerts with them have you seen? One. The Room Service concert in Barcelona. I'm really happy for this. 11. What is the thing from your collection that you are most proud of? My special Roxbox signed by them for me. 12. What advice do you have for future fans? Never stop listening Roxette! 13. How does your family relate to you being a fan? They were so happy ‘cause they didn’t want to listen to Madonna any more! (laughs)
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good interview!. thanks.

good interview!. thanks.

Good Interview!!!!!!! a big

Good Interview!!!!!!! a big fan you are!!!