Per Gessle – I lose two kilos with every concert

Roxette star reveals the secret behind his this body

Since Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson started the group Roxette in 1986, they have had big successes all over the world.

Gessle has always been thin, but when he was invited for an interview to the Swedish radio station P4 last Tuesday, the presenter Lotta Brome noticed that Gessle had lost much weight.

- Formula 1 driver
The presenter of the program asks Gessle if he had been on a diet because it was clearly seen that he had lost weight – and she got the following answer:

- Believe it or not, I weighed myself before and after a concert and I saw that I had lost two kilos. I feel like a Formula 1 driver, Gessle says during the interview.

- The latest world tour

Roxette have started a world tour which will come to an end in August. According to Gessle, it could be the last time when the band travels around the world.

- This could be the last Roxette tour, he says, and he continues to talk.

- I hope that we can keep on working and playing, but I would like to have a Roxette which doesn’t have to go on a world tour 19 months every third year.

- A miracle

2002 Marie Fredriksson was diagnosed with a serious brain tumour and has fought three years to come back on stage.

- Marie feels very well. She blossoms on stage and gets an enormous positive energy from the audience. She gets her self-confidence when she stands on the stage, and this is wonderful to see. I don’t think that the fans and mass media had expected to see what she is doing now. It’s almost a miracle, Gessle says in an interview which is presented in Expressen.

Source: TV2 Norway