Marie Fredriksson: The doctors gave me six months to live

Now Roxette are ready for a comeback

Roxette do their comeback. There has been silence in the group which consists of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, when Marie was diagnosed with cancer, according to

Now Marie tells us that doctors gave her six months to live when she got sick in 2002.

- I have never thought that I would do that. The worst thing was that they gave me just six months to live. It was like that. But in my soul I was feeling that I would do this comeback. It has been a difficult fight, Marie says in an interview for P4 Extra, as it is written on their home page.

- This was the moment

Gessle said in an interview that it was after his concert in Amsterdam in 2009 when they started to talk about a comeback.

- Marie joined me on stage and we played "The Look" and "It Must Have Been Love" together. The feedback that Marie got I had never experienced, and I saw in Marie’s eyes that it was there she could feel like home: on stage.  

Source: TV2 Norway