Roxette - A New Stage (Documentary in 6 parts) - 1994


Waiter:  Welcome!

Marie: Thank you.

Waiter: Here you are!

Marie: Thanks.

Per: Shall we take a little of this?

Marie: Yes, that would be good.

Per: If you want to see what people want, you are so nice to them. But when it comes about payment, then it is quite expensive.


Per: Marie is not that person who stays long away from the edge of the stage. She comes and dominates the audience.

Marie: It is difficult to explain. When you feel very lonely, you are everywhere, but when there is such a huge crowd, then you become so little.

Per: It’s fantastic when the audience sing the whole refrain of “Fading Like a Flower” or “It Must Have Been Love” or “Joyride”. It’s great.

Marie: Talking about “It Must Have Been Love”, when you hear that intro, you just start to yawn. Well, you have to take a break, otherwise it is too much.

Per: (after drinking something) Perfect!

Rep: But you can’t take a too long break after “It Must Have Been Love” because Roxette have been all around the world, singing and playing all the time. Almost 2 million people have bought tickets to their concerts and other few more million have listened to their answers to questions on TV and on the radio.

Per: We’re just in a group together.

Marie: Oh, yes. No, we are not married. Everybody asks that. No, we are not in love. Per has his girlfriend standing here right now.

Per: She’s filming us.

Marie: Yeah.

Per: When we released “Joyride”, we had 1200 interviews in just 8 months.

Rep: And because of all these interviews and TV shows, Roxette albums have been sold in much more copies than someone could ever imagine. “Look Sharp” – 8 million and “Joyride” – 10 million copies.

Marie: It’s a craziness. When you say 10 million, you don’t realize exactly how much it means. But it is incredibly much.

Rep: After two intensive years, almost all the time on road, they came back to reality. 

Per: Thank you. This looks really good.

Rep: And here, at home, a new big adventure is waiting.

Marie: Some people talk about becoming rich. Yes, you really become rich when you get children. This is the best fortune, you can say. I feel that. Everything is in order, as it should be. And after you have worked a lot, many years in a row, now you feel that your family is the most important. Family is number one now. And it’s really nice to come home and meet them, I think.

Per: It was a rainy day which became a sunny day exactly that moment of getting married, that moment when we changed the rings. And there was a question mark in everything: how much mass media will be there, for example. We tried to fool them to go to different churches as we didn’t want to have a lot of journalists around us. But the ones we met were quite ok.

Rep: What does Åsa mean to you?

Per: A lot, of course. She is my best friend. And all the people who have a best friend know what it means. Without her, I couldn’t have done anything the last 10 years.

Waiter: Here is the chicken for you.

Marie: Oh, how nice, thank you! My daughter is not a difficult child. She is very cute when she tries to speak.

Rep: Well, it is good to develop your voice.

Marie: In time, her voice will become darker. 

Rep: Do you think that she will become a singer?

Marie: I am sure of that. (laughs) She likes to listen to music, but we will see how it works with the new Roxette album, perhaps she will fall asleep. (laughs) I hope she will think that it’s a good album and not too sad... (laughs)

Per: (about Crash! Boom! Bang!) The main idea was to use the bows (from the violin) the same way as T-Rex or somebody else. It depends on what our producer says. We were thinking to use it instead of guitar sound, like in “Do You Wanna Go the Whole Way” you let this bows play the melody. Because these bows have become really exciting at the same time.  (...) Thank you very much! Wow, what an ice-cream, fantastic!

Rep: Because Per writes most of the songs in Roxette, do you include Roxette music in his music, if we can say like that?

Marie: No, I don’t feel that. When he writes a song, he writes a demo first, then he sends that to me, I listen to it and I come with my own ideas: who should sing what, what we can change. So we think that we prepare the songs together, I mean the songs that we can share. But if there is a song that I sing, then it is differently. I change that song in my own way and it becomes mine, my song.

Per: She has the ability to sing like reading a telephone book, she makes the song very credible. And this is a gift that she has, a gift that really few people have. She is very talented, even if sometimes she is in a bad mood, but you trust her when she starts to sing.

Marie: 1, 2, hello! 

Marie: The artistic part is when you transform the song so that it can be thought that you have written it by yourself.

Rep: I understand that you would never sing a song that you don’t want to sing.

Marie: No. It has happened, but we deleted them. We must agree regarding an idea about how to play a song.

Per: We can check out how it sounds when we record it.

Marie: You, the introduction is not too good, damn it!

Per: When we meet, it is Roxette. If I am out on a promotion tour 10 months with Marie, I can call her when she has a day off. It doesn’t depend on her; it depends rather on the circumstances. I think that we are very close, we know each other; I know exactly who Marie is and what she thinks in almost all the situations. I am sure that she can say the same about me.

Marie: I think that our old friendship is very important. Perhaps it sounds strange, but the fact that we had known each other for a long time before this happened is great. And sometimes when we work, it feels that this friendship is destroyed in a way, I mean that there is only work, all the time, and we forget about our friendship. We are not like normal friends, we never travel somewhere in our private life, we just work and work. But even if we work all the time, we succeeded to know each other very well. I don’t care if he gets angry on me because I think in a different way. At the same time I know that he will soon forget it. I like Per very much, sometimes he is like a brother for me.

Per: Marie is a girl who comes from a little town, the same as me. I am a boy who comes from a little town and she is a girl. (laughs) So we are quite the same, we grew up in the same way, with many sisters and brothers. We have the same opinion about some things, as well as different opinions about other things. There has been written in mass media that I say “yes” to something and Marie says “no”. It is not exactly like that. We have the same opinion about quite many things. It’s a pity that Marie can’t be here all the time, to say her opinion about what we do in Roxette. It’s almost me who writes all the material, but I can’t have the same points of view like her.

Marie: He is all the time with Roxette and it functions for him because Roxette is his biggest interest. This is it. I am not like that, I feel the need to do something else, too, perhaps write some different songs or listen to another type of music or talk about another type of art, let’s say. I can’t concentrate ONLY on Roxette. I am like that. You must go out of it sometimes.

Rep: But doesn’t he think that you should be there with him all the time?

Marie: No, not at all. As we have said many times, we complete each other very well and that is why we have success. Per works very hard and I come “to break” a bit, to stop him when it’s needed, when I feel that it goes too quickly. Sometimes it is him who pulls me when I need so that I can keep his rhythm.

Per: Yes, sometimes it is like that. There are discussions like, for example, when I think that we should do that and we should do it that way. And perhaps Marie thinks that it’s not needed, and that is just because she doesn’t want to miss a day off. And then there is a permanent quarrel because of that.

Marie: There is also another situation now, when I have a child. Of course it is difficult for me to be there all the time. It’s not like when being alone.

Rep: But, Per, do you understand how much time a child needs from you?

Per: Of course not, I don’t have any child.

Rep: So don’t you think it is difficult?

Per: To have children? Well, it is a wonderful experience, but it is difficult for the one who doesn’t have children to understand what that implies.

Marie: I recognize that it is difficult to be with the child and work at the same time. But I thank God that Micke has holidays now just to be with the child and he can spend most of the time with her. So it works for me.

Per: We can have a little walk.

Marie: We have a lot of fun, we laugh a lot together and it’s important not to be distant. This brings you the success.

Per: What will you do this evening, watch Luuk’s TV-show?

Marie: No. (laughs)

Marie: He can be very tricky sometimes, you don’t know if he really means what he says or it’s a joke. His humour is fantastic. He can be so funny that you laugh hours in a row at what he says. It’s perfect when you don’t feel well or you have travelled a lot and you are exhausted or the child gets you tired, then it comes Per and changes all your day.

Per (playing the guitar): Oh, shit, how it sounds! 

Per (about “I Love the Sound”): It’s stupid! Well, it’s a text that I have written long time ago. When I was young, 10 – 12 – 13 – 14 years old, I heard a song with a group and at the end there was a strange guitar sound, but it sounded really wonderful. And then I realised that nobody had written a song about that, so I thought that it was time for me to write one. And I did it. When you play an instrument alone, there is no power, but when there are 13 instruments, it becomes really exciting.

Rep: So you haven’t played alone.

Per: No, I don’t think so. Perhaps if I played, it was surely a mistake. (laughs)

Rep: It took one year of hard working to record Roxette’s 5th album: “Crash! Boom! Bang!” 2000 hours of work in the studio: Stockholm, London and Capri Isle. Here are Gessle’s own pictures.

Per: It was a very creative environment.

Rep: Is it really true that you want to work and live near the studio?

Per: Yes, I have got too fat from living in Italy. So it was not too good to live near the studio there. But it was great from the technical point of view. It was also great that all the members of the group could live together, in the same building. Everything was there, including all the restaurants. After the recording process we used to sit together and to eat breakfast or something. When we worked in Stockholm, we used to stay in the studio until 2.00 in the night, so we met the second day at noon and we continued to work. So living together felt differently.

Rep: So when you were so near each other, you used to stress a bit.

Per: We work together a lot, we have succeeded to know each other because we went together on tours, we discovered the success together. Everyone has his role in the group. It has never been any problem.

Per (about “Harleys and Indians”): “Harleys and Indians” doesn’t really talk about motorcycles, it is more about the time when you die and come to heaven to meet your friends and your favourite people. There you sit with Elvis in a bar and drink beer, waiting for Marlon Brando to appear. This is all about. It’s was not such a smart text. (laughs)

Per: I have never thought about something specific. I have written “Harleys and Indians” quite quickly. The same happened with “The First Girl on the Moon” – I was playing guitar one night outside in the balcony. The sun had gone down and it was only me who was playing. It was a nice moment to write it.

Per (after playing guitar): Beautiful, isn’t it?

Åsa: Very beautiful.

Per: I play guitar a lot on this album. I have never done it on the previous albums.

Rep: How comes that you play now?

Per: Because the songs should sound very personal and I play quite badly. I wanted the songs to sound a bit…how shall I say? Not bad, but to have a bit from my way of playing, too. The musicians that we co-operate with are really smart and if I start to play, it will be noticed that they are much cleverer.

Photographer: Can you sit nearer Marie and then both of you should look up to the sky…perfect.

Per: God, what a nice picture it must be! (all laugh)

Photographer: Yes, it is.

Waiter: Here it is the dessert menu.

Per: Oh, the paradise again!

Marie: I love to cook, it is very cool, I think. But Micke is very good at cooking. That is why it is him who cooks mostly. It has become like that.

Rep: If he cooks, do you wash the dishes?

Marie: Yes, I do that.  

Per: I am a very bad cook.

Rep: Are you?

Per: Yes, but my wife is very good at cooking, she always surprises me with something. So if she does what I want, then I can wash the dishes.

Rep: Can’t you cook anything?

Per: Perhaps something very simple.

Rep: Do you spend much time at home, like a normal life, to cook, to do housework?

Marie: Yes, since Josefin was born, I spend more time at home. It was, in fact, very beautiful because we had travelled a lot and worked so much. It was great just to be at home and cook at home. Yes. Watch TV, do such normal activities at home. It was nice.

Per (watching out of the window): Somebody is talking to us. Hello, hello.

A man outside, to Per: Nice to see you!

Per: The same!

Rep: It is something cool, isn’t it?

Per: Yes, there were George Harrison, Tom Petty and Jeff Linson passing by.

Rep: And they have learned Swedish perfectly, too!

Per: Swedish, too, yes.

Rep: Don’t you go out for a walk?

Marie: No, not here in Stockholm. Wherever you go, you must expect people coming and watching you. This is it. I can ignore them, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Well, you have to learn to live with that.

Per: It’s not really like that. People are really nice and positive to us. If somebody comes to you, he or she comes just to congratulate you for something or to say that he / she likes a certain album. Or something like: “Why has Marie had her hair cut like that?” or something else. They ask all kind of questions.

Fans: Hi, I’m Jens. Hi, I’m Gaby. Hi, I’m Timo. And we are the German Roxette fan club!

Per: Of course we are very proud that we have so many fans. And they have been by our side for many years. There are people who know more about me than I know myself. Especially when it comes about career: what I did in September ’86, for example. I don’t have a clue, but they know what I did. But of course it is great that they know.

Rep: Here is the nice town Baden-Baden in Germany. In this place, life goes on in a normal slow way. But behind the peaceful atmosphere, there happens something exciting. Every second day and every second weekend, the members of Roxette fan club work hard to provide news to the fans.

Fans: We have to copy this part here and then we write a new text. / - It’s not so bad. / - Look, it’s good now. / - And the phone is ringing. / - Yes? I can’t say it right now. For the moment they are in London and make a video for the new single. There is no more news now. Ok, bye. / - There was one of the members again. Here are the new photos. We have to choose one picture from Capri. We can arrange these photos here and we get some space for the text here. Do you have other suggestions? / - That photo of Marie is so nice. / - This one is not so bad. / - But in that one Marie is so little. /

Jens (Rox-fan): Mainly, I am responsible for the magazine, collecting the material, getting all the staff, typing it down and do the layout. /

Gaby (Rox-fan): I am organizing everything for the fan club, I organize some meetings, book hotels, get tickets for the shows. I’m doing all the management of the fan club.

Timo (Rox-fan): I am responsible for the letters. I have to answer all the questions I get about Marie and Per and the band and everything.

Rep: What’s the most common question?

Timo (Rox-fan): The most common question is: what’s the latest single? Or what about the new album? But sometimes I receive a kind of scary things like: what kind of underwear Per and Marie wear... and I don’t know what to answer.

Per: I receive a lot of love letters home, almost daily. And that is very nice. I don’t know, I have got love letters almost every day 15 years in a row, so just a few more don’t mean anything to me, excepting the fact that I think that is it nice to get them. I often answer those letters. They often come from girls who are really young and they have me as an idol. It’s nice and good to be like that.

Timo (Rox-fan): Some girls are really crazy for Per and they think: oh, God, why did he marry Åsa? They are just crying. Sometimes I get really scary things like committing suicide and everything...

Per: Well, sometimes I try to see if the content of the letters is true or the letter represents just a “game” to get in touch with me. I don’t know, I don’t do anything special in these cases.

Marie: The greatest thing with the letters is when the fans tell us how much our music means to them. I have got a letter from a girl who said that she had learned to play all our songs on saxophone. She has started to play saxophone, then she has learned every song of ours. She was very happy because she could learn to play saxophone using our material. It feels great for me that our records could help her in a way. They are fantastic. We have so many fans all over the world. It’s incredible.

Rep: But have they come to look for you somewhere?

Marie: Well, there were some of them waiting outside my garden, but it was ok, they were not too many.

Timo (Rox-fan): The most important thing from my collection are these jeans that I have got from Per personally. I don’t wear them, so I put them on the wall. And inside...I don’t think that you can see it very well. I don’t think so, no. You can see maybe “Per Gessle”.

Rep: Have you met them?

Timo (Rox-fan): Yeah, I’ve met them. We had “Meet&Greet” at one concert on the tour. It was really great.

Rep: What did you ask them?

Timo (Rox-fan): I asked nothing, to be honest; I was just standing there, thinking: “Oh, my God, how can you meet them?” I was so scared and everything. I was just standing there and staring, to be honest.

Rep: Where do you get all the information from?

Jens (Rox-fan): We get a lot from out correspondents; we have correspondents all over the world. We have some correspondences in Sweden, in France, in Great Britain, in Norway, South America, United States.

Marie: It would be difficult if you had a summer house and they came there to watch inside through the window. That moment you would say: “Oh, go away!” You are really disturbed of that.

Jens (Rox-fan): I think a fan can’t find the house just by help of the picture because it is not written anything see, it is down there, this road. It’s just seen from outside. Even if we get pictures from people who have looked inside, we will not print that, but just the picture outside I think that’s ok.

Per: There were people who came and woke me up when I fell asleep in a hammock in the garden, in Halmstad. I just felt their arm on my shoulder and they said: “Can I get an autograph?” It happens. (laughs)

Rep: What do you do then?

Per: I write an autograph. What shall I do? And there are many other situations.

Fan (Tina Bühler): I would like to be in Marie’s shoes because she is together with Per. And because she is so well known. (It Must Have Been Love) So my biggest dream is to travel to Halmstad to meet them. When we were in a clothes shop, I saw this blouse and I said to my mother: “This is like Marie’s blouse.” And then she said to me that we could leave it to a dressmaker to sew it for me as birthday present. Then I suddenly found a wig – even if it was with long hair, we cut it. What shall I say...Halmstad, in German it’s called “Strohstadt” (=Straw City). I have 1009 things in my collection. Approximately 100 posters, 20 CDs, 160 articles and a lot of little photos. I have recently counted them.

Per: I have read an interview with John Lennon who said that if he hadn’t been millionaire from his music, he would have been a bank robber.

Rep: For money.

Per: Yes, because he wanted money. Well, nobody could think so far away, but it is clear that it was money he wanted to have.

Marie:  It’s comfortable; it is wonderful to afford to buy the clothes that you want. If I want a cloth, I buy it, I don’t think too much about the price. But on the other side I don’t get very happy from so much money. It is just a more comfortable life. But you can’t save your life. If somebody in my family gets sick, this money doesn’t help at all.

Per:  And the fact that you are highest up in the charts and sell a lot of records is also pleasant. But in spite of everything we have done, it’s quite empty somewhere.

Marie: It is really nice to talk about clothes. I always have something to say, I love to buy clothes.

Rep: Then you buy a lot. You know, it’s good to have control over your money.

Marie: It is not me who controls the money, unfortunately.

Per: Me, in comparison with Marie, I am very economic. But I also have my things that I am interested in, for example the newspaper “Dagens Industri” (=The Industry of the Day). I try to read only the last page to see what kind of cars the sell. (laughs)

Rep: Marie has started to collect some art objects, as I know.

Marie: Yes, I started with some of them. It’s nice to search for them. But I don’t think that it should be something special, a big painting which has I don’t know which value in the world. I don’t think like that. Art for me can be also a little object that I find in a normal shop, for example a little picture with a fly in the middle or something very nice. It can be a family of flies. (laughs) It is like that, if I like a picture and I feel something for it, it doesn’t matter if it costs 100,000 crowns or 50 crowns.

Per: I like wine, I have some sorts of it, but I can’t say I have a collection. I am not any kind of collector. But if somebody would come with some types of wine from 1966, then I would think to buy them.

Per: It’s nice to see it! (in the cellar, holding a bottle of wine) It has a golden colour. This is a sweet wine, a dessert wine, from 1959.

Rep: What does it cost?

Seller: 12,000 crowns.

Per: I will leave it, perhaps somebody else wants to pay for it. It is nice to have a walk in the cellar and talk a bit to all these sorts of wines. It’s a bit romantic; you should know how to talk to the bottles, to turn them around.

Rep: Is it?

Per: Yes, I asked if they felt the coldness and humidity here, like in a fridge and all of them answered “yes”.

Rep: They feel well here in the cellar.

Per: Yes, they feel well. There’s a lot of love.

Per (about “Sleeping in My Car”): Yes, the story is a mix between two things: on the one side, men over 40 years old who look for young girls and on the other side their wish to have a relationship with them.

Rep: Do you have dreams about having sex on the backseat of a car?

Per: No, not really. It would be funny, but it’s not something I have really thought about. I just wanted to have a text with some movements. A text that should fit the night atmosphere, when the girl goes back to her boyfriend. It was a cool, visual idea.

Jens (Rox fan): I would like to know from Per why he doesn’t write songs about more serious problems of the world.

Per: I didn’t have the purpose not to write about it. Sometimes I feel that the ones who write about it are too many and most of them do it very badly. If you write about social things, you should do it in a very good way. I don’t feel that I can do it, I don’t think that I have talent to do that.

Rep: There are people who ask if you want to be more involved in this type of social texts.

Marie: Yes, I would like to be more involved in this; it is difficult, I don’t know if it works. I hope I will do that in the future.

Per: I want to have small private things, things that both I and Marie think that are important. We go out quite seldom, I can say. Last time when we were out, we were at an exhibition of our records, at Amnesty International.

Marie: There is the war in Yugoslavia that makes you feel so bad when you think about it. It feels so difficult to write about it, it’s impossible. What shall I do?

Per: When well-known people support something, then all mass media talks about it and that thing that you support is known in the whole country because of that. Or in the whole world, in our case.

The director (to Marie): So we repeat now, before lunch, then we start to record after lunch. 

Marie: Yeah, ok.

Marie: There is something that I like most in the whole work: video recording. It is very nice.

Rep: Why do you think that?

Marie: Because it’s very interesting how you act when you record it.

Per: Video making is that part of work where I have the least control and that irritates me a lot, in fact.

Waiter: Coffee?

Per: Yes, thanks. But this is it. You depend totally on a director and on a photographer.

Now Marie is walking on the stairs in “Crash!Boom!Bang!” video.  

Director: Very good, very professional.

Rep: In which way?

Director (Michael Geoghegan): When the camera is on, Marie comes to life. She can be cold and depressed and in a horrible place, like the one we are at today - but when the camera is on, she is professional, very professional. 

Marie: That is very cool, I think. I would try that again.

Rep: You can do your own film.

Marie: I don’t know. I don’t know if I can do that, well, I would like to do it, but you can’t just go out and record. There are many people who have done it, but it is very difficult to do something good.

Rep: Is Per a good actor as well?

Director (laughing): __________ (The director is just laughing, he doesn’t answer anything.)

Rep: Often, your role is just to stand and play guitar. Do you think it is boring? Would you do more?

Per: It depends, well, I am not an actor, I don’t have any theatre ambition at all. I don’t have the same attraction to theatre as Marie has. But of course that it is always cool to do different things. We try to vary them, even if we are not prepared to do that all the time. We see what happens. To make a video means to stay and wait a lot, the team is quite little. Every detail should be discussed, so you just wait for everything.

Per (giving some food to a dog): she wants probably some goose liver pâté.

Somebody from the team (to the dog): Some jam, I think. Get off the dress! Come on, sit!

Marie: We have been here since 8.00 this morning. Now it is 11.45, so the whole morning was just for makeup, which is important for a person in my age. (laughs)

Rep: Really?

Marie: No! (laughs) But in this video I should be really smooth and very natural. For example they should apply some makeup on my nose because there are some marks since I hit myself when I was little. Then they should fix my eyes, as well, to look good in the video. There are many such little tricks that are good to get sometimes.

Rep: Are you afraid of getting old?

Per: (thinking) Well, it depends how you feel... Time goes by. I am not extremely afraid of that. I just feel, well, now I am 35 years old, then I am 37, then I am 39, then 42 and so on. I am not so afraid, especially when I am concentrated so much on my work. I am busy with other things that with getting old. You can spend time with your parents or your family or your friends.

Marie: It is difficult because we are associated with young people and rock music. Sometimes I watch Phil Collins...

Rep: No names, I said!

Marie: Yes, but it’s ok. And Tina Turner! (laughs)

Rep: Oh, ok.

Marie: Yes, but as long as you can sing ... it becomes embarrassing if you lose your voice, if you try to sing a song and half of it sounds strange, then it is better to stop, I think. But as long as you can sing and you can create, it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of wrinkles. This thing can be very charming sometimes; it shows that you have lived your life. It can look very sexy, in fact.

Per: I think it would be wonderful to be 58 and stand on stage and sing “Joyride” or whatever. It is cool. I don’t think it matters so much.

Marie (at makeup): You said to Helen that it was not so good if my hair was “spiky”.

Man: No, I think it’s fine.

Marie: Should I have it like this?

Man: No, no, I think it’s fine. The more you mess it up and change the direction, the better it is.

Marie: Yes? Ok.

Man: You look like you’ve been up all night. (they laugh)

Rep: Is it difficult to arrange your hair?

Marie: But it is so little.

Rep: Do you stay in front of the mirror and arrange it a lot?

Marie: No. (laughs)

Per: I would be happier if I lose weight. Perhaps 5-6-7-8 kg. At home I have a gym device that you can run on. And I have a little earring in my ear which helps me check out my physical condition...and there is bad news. (laughs)

Rep: Can you live exactly that life that you want to live?

Per: Well, I work intensively and if feels that I can’t say that I want a day off to do something else, to be away from music, from Roxette. So I am not able to disconnect from it.

Rep: But don’t you feel the need just to lie on a beach and have it nice?

Per: I want to go to an island or to my summer house and just stay there without doing anything, just play a game. But I get tired of it quickly. I can check out what happens in Argentina, for example, with our latest single. (laughs)

Rep: Is there anything that you wish and you cannot get?

Marie: Oh! (thinking) Yes, there is, in fact. And that is that I want my mother to recover. I have said that many times, but she can’t recover totally.

Rep: She has been at the hospital.

Marie: Yes, she has been at the hospital. But you have to live with that if you learn to live like that. I always think that it would have been very nice if she had been with us. She has managed very well until now. She is a real “stone lady” I can say. It is like that, you want some things sometimes. If my father had been alive, he would have experienced this situation and that would have been too difficult for him. It would have been nice to come home and tell her about the tour, about our music, about what happens to our music. It would have been really cool if she could enjoy all these, if she wanted me to tell her about all these.