Marie Fredriksson - Art Exhibition in Gothenburg - 2008


Rep: What has inspired you when you have done these paintings?

Marie: I have always painted, since I was little. I have already had my first exhibition at home, in Stockholm. It was ok and because of that I had one more exhibition, which was even better than the first exhibition. And on the other side it feels good. And it is also cool to come to Gothenburg. It was long time ago when I was here.

Rep: How would you describe your paintings?

Marie: It is a mixture, there is both coal and white and colour, with coloured chalk. I have used my fingers, too, and my arms. I rarely try to use the pencil, but I think it is very difficult. So there are different paintings, it depends on your mood.

Rep: A difficult question: how do you define art?

Marie: It can be everything, art can be everything. I think that art is cool it is sunny, it can be many things, you can get a lot of feelings when you start to draw. When I was working with these exhibitions, there have been a lot of different feelings, a different atmosphere. This is the beauty: you are free and you do exactly what you want.

Rep: You are a singer and you are a painter. How can you combine these two roles?

Marie: I do one thing, then another; I can’t do things at the same time. But it depends also on how you feel. Sometimes I can keep on drawing, but then it happens that a song comes into my mind and I have to sit down at the piano and start to sing. So sometimes I can combine them in one day. But some days it is only drawing that I deal with.

Rep: Do you think that it is different to have success as a pop artist today, 2008, compared to what it was in the ‘80s?

Marie: Of course that it is very different. I can say that today there is another tempo than it was in the ‘80s. We didn’t do anything else, just travelled round the whole world. It was a fantastic success with Roxette. At the same time I had a huge success with my own Swedish songs and it was a great time. Now I am looking forward to releasing a new Swedish album, this is what I am working with at the moment. When it comes out, you never know. It can take a long time. We will see.

Rep: You, you have worked a lot, do you have any piece of advice that you want to give to all the people who also want to sing and stay on the stage?

Marie: Believe in yourself! Believe in what you want to do! And everything works, remember that! This is what I think, and it helped me when I had this attitude towards my career.