Roxette on the Victory Train Around the World


Six years ago Per Gessle gave up hoping for a Roxette comeback. Now the members of the group found themselves in the middle of a world tour, and have as a goal to play in front of 750 000 people. It is incredible, especially when you think about the disease that Marie has passed through, says Per Gessle.

The second half of the year has been stressful for Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson. Since February Roxette has played in Russia, South America, South Africa and some parts of Europe. After a short break, the world tour starts again in Austria, on the 10th of October. 


For Per Gessle this comeback is still a miracle. 2002 Marie Fredriksson suffered from a brain tumour and in spite of the fact that she fully recovered after a few years, the premises that she would come back on stage were not very clear. 

- I don't think that one can understand what she has gone through. She had to start her life again, learn to count and read. She has lost her ability to see with one eye. But now she starts to become that person full of energy, which she had been before. We can feel a huge difference from one week to another, he says. 

How lasting is Roxette project? The group has already released "Charm school" album and during the world tour, they are recording a new album which will be released in spring. It will be called "Tourism 2" and contains many new songs written by Gessle.

- I don't want a project that should just look backwards. It is the same with Gyllene Tider, if I work with them again, we must have new songs. 


At the same time he is conscious that a big part of the audience comes to hear the old Roxettes songs. In Australia they were refused by 2 cmpanies which arrange concerts because they did not believe in this project - the third one, on the other hand, discovered that people were crazy to get tickets. In only one day they sold 50,000 tickets to the concerts of the group. 

- When we talked to them, no one had an idea if I had released a song since 2001. They thought that somebody took us out from a dusty box for this occasion. For them, it was 100% nostalgia - which is nice, says Per Gessle.

The world tour will be over in August, but perhaps it will get longer with a comeback to Canada next autumn. 

- The most important is that we have a lot of fun and that Marie feels like a princess. This is the strangest rehabilitation in the world, says Per Gessle.


Happenings / Roxette

1. There was a comeback in 2009, after a break of 8 years. They released "Charm School" album in February and started a world tour the same month. 

2. They have had 53 concerts so far. When the tour stops, in August 2012, the group will have had 130 concerts and will have been watched by approximately 1,3 milions of people. 

3. Roxette will play at Globen on the 3rd of November and at Malmö Arena on the 4rd of November. 


Per Gessle about...

1. Future: 

- I write new songs all the time, but I don't have a special project. Now Roxette is everything that matters. But I don't feel that I should stop, I am looking forward to making solo albums and it would be cool to be more Gyllene Tider.

2. Sweden:

-  Sweden and Roxette is not a good combination. It is much easier for me to sell tickets for Gyllene Tider than with Roxette. 

3. Film: 

- We are working for a live documentary in parallel. I guess that it will be ready in spring, together with the new album.  


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