Roxette rocks the TUI-Arena in Hannover – here you find also several pictures!


Once again, the same thing like it was earlier with Per and Marie on „Joyride“-Tour: 7000 fans celebrate the comeback of the successful duo from the '90s – Roxette – at TUI-Arena.

SHE’S GOT THE LOOK: Marie Fredriksson appeared in the best mood at TUI-Arena yesterday evening

Hannover. „I’ll feed your heart“sings Marie Fredriksson at TUI-Arena, „and blow the dust from your eyes.“ Two promises that were totally fulfilled. Because the hearts of the fans in Hannover were fed with love music last Thursday and all the dust of the wasted Roxette-years was taken away before the second part of the first song. Fredriksson shines in silver jacket and black leather. „I’m gonna get dressed for success“, she was singing about her own clothes. Pop that has a real Rock-’n’-Roll dress. And Hannover is happy to help them sing: „... shaping me up for the big time, Baby!“

It is Fredriksson’s second „big time“, she has recovered from a brain tumour, her chances to survive were 1% in 2002. Two years ago, at the same place, the blonde Swedish singer needed help to go up to the stage. Her movements were fragile, she was waving to the audience, her voice was like the one of a woman made of crystal, a body made of glass that had to be protected from being broken. Two nights they were celebrated in Hannover more for the courage to come on the stage than for the quality of their performance. It seemed like an epilogue of a band history, a final sound which is more brave and sad.

 And now the real comeback. 130 concerts, also in Hannover: „Sleeping in my Car“ and „The Big L.“ follow. Roxette accelerate, the audience explodes during the „Greatest Hits“ until the brilliant rock hit  „Dangerous“ and the Beatles reminder „Joyride“, which is introduced by a guitar version of „Wir sind die Niedersachsen“.

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More perfect Pop

Everything happens according to Roxette’s Motto from the collection ‘Best-of’: „Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.“ These songs are short, a more perfect pop. And the pieces from the new mediocre album, „Charm School“, can be counted on 2 fingers. Per Gessle sends reverberating, miraculous tones from his guitar, he enjoys the fans’ happiness and lets his partner be a step forward on the stage. Who, of course, remains at the microphone instead of running on the stage like a sprinter. And who sings lower some pieces because she can’t reach the highest tones anymore.

But now she comes back with a darker voice and the triumph stretches the air. „It Must Have Been Love ...“ is floating in, the „Pretty-Woman“ ballad, and the blue lights can not be counted at this moment. Sometimes you could also see the pretty, old-fashioned lighters, as well as the wonderful candles which represent a proof of fidelity to the lightening mode of the love songs in the ´90s, the time before mobile phones, when Roxette was considered as one of the biggest bands in the world.

Now they are not like that anymore and already in 2001, before the unexpected break, the top of success was passed. But those 7000 fans that were present at TUI are the most faithful ones; they will surely come to the following Roxette show. And they are grateful to the compliment that Per and Marie make in the song „Church of the Heart“: „Yes, it’s true, right from the start I believed in the church of your heart. “ Wow! What a feeling. All the hearts are burning now!

The new album

It’s nice when a group doesn’t celebrate its comeback only on stage, but it has also new songs as spices. Roxette released the new album „Charm School“ in February. The band got its great shape after 9 years break, a break caused by Marie Fredriksson’s disease. The album reminds of Roxette times in the late ‘80s – beginning of the ‘90s. Everything included: rock, pop, wonderful ballads. The whole album is nice; nothing is to be complained about. But in their live show, they played just a few songs. 

At least, with their comeback, Per and Marie seem to say – like many others in the band – that they want to build up a second spring.  In parallel with this tour, they work for the next album. The title is  „2rism“ and reminds us about the album which was released in 1992 in the same conditions - „Tourism – Songs from Studios, Stages, Hotelrooms & other strange Places“. The recording takes place everywhere – in studios and at sound check. As Per Gessle said to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, there are also cassettes with songs that haven’t been released, interpreted by Marie before getting sick. They will add new instrumental parts, the same as The Rolling Stones did with their 72nd album „Exile on Main Street“. The planned date for the release of „2rism“album: spring 2012.

Roxette’s world tour lasts until August 2012, at the end of the tour, the band will have played in front of 1.3 millions of people. 

SOURCE: Neue Presse