Roxette in Hannover - RTL Regional Interview









It is the comeback of the year. After a ten years break, Roxette come on the stage here in Niedersachsen. 

We meet Per Gessle in the backstage in Hannover. In an exclusive interview, the composer tells us how it is to be together on tour again.

Per: We are overwhelmed by the success, I mean in this tour we play in different places in the whole world. Especially in Germany, which has a special place in our hearts. Here the shows are something special, we feel very welcome to all the places, including of course Hannover.

For more than 20 years Roxette dominate the international hit parade. Only in the USA they succeeded to have 4 Number Ones in the charts. And the success comes with every hit.

It's a life full of competitions and they have sold more than 80 millions disks. “Listen to Your Heart” is still one of the most successful hits of all time. Roxette belongs to the biggest and most successful groups of the world.

But from one day to another, these times have suddenly finished. 2002 Marie receives a shocked diagnosis: brain tumor. The singer loses a part of her sense of hearing. She must also learn to read and write again.

Per: She only had 5% chances to survive. That time it was hardly any chance for Marie. It is a miracle that she has recovered today.

Marie has won the fight against cancer and comes now on the stage. Little by little she has come back to life. In spite of this, she doesn’t feel ready for interviews yet. On the stage she receives a lot of power from everyone.

Per: This tour is the weirdness therapy that you can imagine. It is very important for Marie that she receives a positive reaction from the audience. This makes her incredibly strong.

And the fans from Hannover celebrate the comeback of their favourite band: “They are great. I have been a fan for 22 years.” “It is a crazyness that they are back.”

Per: The German fans have always supported us. To our concerts there come a lot of hundreds. A huge help over the years.

Roxette come back to Hannover and it is said that they will play in front of 7 000 fans, one of the best crowds in the world.

SOURCE: RTL Regional