A group from Halmstad will open Roxette concerts in Sweden

 The group Vikunja from Halmstad will open Roxette concerts when they come back to Sweden to play in Malmö and Stockholm at the beginning of November. 

Vikunja is a young band from Halmstad with the future in front, a band which has got a lot of attention, even if they haven't released their first album yet. 

Vikunja opened Roxette concerts even last year. 

It is Per Gessle who has seen some materials from this band and since then, he has played them at his radioshow Nordic Rox, on the American satellite radio channel Sirius XM. 

The group is still writing in the studio together with the producer Mats Valentin who earlier worked with Carpark North, Viktorious and Kelly Clarksson. Vikunja's music can be described as ordinary radio pop songs, mixed with arenarock sound, everything with a clear British influence. 

SOURCE: Hallandsposten