Beautiful, heavy and full of dignity

Roxette come back to Sweden with a show that grows up in power

Göteborg. I didn't believe in this tour. Not at all, to be sincere. But Roxette has grown up in power since the premiere of last year and are doing a real and difficult popshow. 

The first number is a silent moment for the victims of the terrorist attack in Norway. That is a beginning that fits the context, it couldn't be thought out in another way. But then, Roxette starts with the maximum of 5 points. 

"Dressed for Success", "Sleeping in My Car" and "The Big Love" - music that doesn't have any black cloud in the sky - are played in an effective and quick way. The sound is more like Per Gessle's solo tour than like Roxette of the '80s. The guitar doesn't stress at the same time with the drums, but the sound is very high. 
Especially after Christoffer Lundquist - normally placed at the left side of the stage, gets the biggest space. He plays guitar very wildly many times, like at the end of "7Twenty7", in "The Look" and during the whole "Joyride". It looks like a Painting teacher experiences his biggest dream of playing rock on a stadium. Lundquist is the engine behind the playing and dynamic of a song. 

Still good to reach the right tone 

Another difference is Marie Fredriksson. The voice is still vulnerable. But she is still goog to find the right tone. First of all she can control better the boundaries and chooses a lower register. Until then, her voice could run out like a rocket. This is able to offer to each ballad a more sad and more intensive sound. We can mention "Perfect Day" - the most beautiful moment of the concert, the acoustic part of "It Must Have Been Love" and "Listen to Your Heart". This also makes that even the rest of the band acts with a deeper self confidence. 

They play like a clock  

Of course that Roxette 2011 didn't make any mistakes. The drummer Pelle Alsing plays like a clock and has never missed a single slag since 1986. The classical and dogmatic pop form of the songs - the shortest possible way to the refrain - gives the songs a simple feeling. 
But Roxette still grow on the stage. Taking into account this development, the following concerts from Stockholm and Malmö can become the highest point of the tour. 

Markus Larsson - 

PLUS "+" for all the songs 

Dressed for Success - more powerpop than in the '80s

Sleeping in My Car - In school, the refrain could have got the maximum number of points 

The Big Love 
- Christoffer Lundquist's guitar seems to be serious for the first time

Wish I Could Fly 
- A pale mistake 

Only When I Dream 
- Incredible hard version where Per's and Marie's voices nicely fit together

She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio) 
- The words are the worse since 1987. The refrain sounds like Blondie

Perfect Day 
- Incredibly beautiful

Things Will Never Be the Same 
- It should have the same status like "Spending My Time" or "Fading Like a Flower" 

It Must Have Been Love 
- "Lay a whisper on my pillow..."

Opportunity Nox 
- It goes by

- Mainly, "Have a Nice Day" Album is not one of Roxette's nicest moments. But this song raises through its intensive end. 

Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)  
The favourite slow one is still here 

Silver Blue 
- Dedicated to the most hardcore Roxette fans

How Do You Do 
- The definition of a good product

- The refrain should have come to the top in the Billboard list. 

- How one of the most stupid songs of the group could become so much popular is the same unclear as Crazy Frog. 

Extra number 
Watercolours in the Rain 
- The first two extra numbers 

Spending My Time -
 underlines the melancholy of Roxette music 

The Look 
- "nananananananana..."

Extra number 2
Listen to Your Heart - 
The perfect power ballad

Church of Your Heart - 
A quiet and warm farewell

Thanks to all the fans! Marie and Per celebrated with champagne  

Here celebrate Marie and Per after the successful representation: incredibly inspired 

- I could have played 10 songs more! 
Marie Fredriksson's energy is at the maximum when she and Per Gessle celebrate the success with a cup of champagne. 
Our reporters meet the duo directly after the show in G

Roxette relaxes in the corridors, in this special day when they have decorated it in a special colour, as Per Gessle said. He says that the 2 hours when they played were "very cool, I become very inspired by such a great audience."
- But I am over now! I take penicillin for my throat and here I can feel the difference between how I am feeling now and  how I feel in a normal time, says Per Gessle. 

Visibly touched 

Slottsskogsvallen in Göteborg with the 22,000 people, is the biggest popular concert that Roxette has ever played in Sweden. The two main persons are visibly touched and do their best to satisfy the audience. Marie Fredirksson was not at all worse! She could even have played more. 
- Really great, a really perfect day! I have no words how it feels to play for so many people. I am happy that I have experienced this, says Marie. 
"In spite of all odds"

Gessle agrees: 
- We are really thankful to our fans. It is them who make everything function. The success comes in spite of all odds. It was unexpected that Roxette can go round the Earth and play in front of over 10,000 people every evening. In this tour, the group will have played in front of more people than during "Joyride" tour at the beginning of the '90s. 

Christoffer Röstlund Jonsson - 
Foto: Robin Lorentz Allard - 

Source: Aftonbladet - July 25th, 2011