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Göteborg - Slottsskogsvallen, Sunday

The Best:Perfect Day and Joyride 

The Worst: They do what they should do, nothing more

Audience: Sold out, 22,000

On one side, it feels really bad to see Roxette in a day like this. On the other side it is correct: a moment of drawing a bit our attention from the world, with a duo who has never chosen to be something else than entertainment, at least not in this combination. The people could take a ride into the past, even on Slottsskogsvallen. Roxette start in a both expected and unexpected way: with a silent moment for what has happened in Norway. Ready on their places, they turn the people from being completely silent, directly to a huge amount who sings and dances. At the same time, it is quite tight - but we are not here to think about that, but to have a nice day. And perhaps also because we wanted to take a ride back into the '90s. At least I think that it feels like that for many people from the audience, even for the band. 

In relation with Per Gessle's songs, there appears often the word "adjust", and it really feels like that: his songs are incredibly adjusted and planned. When you put the songs one after each other, it is clearer. We suppose that there must be songs like "Sleeping in My Car", "The Big Love" or "Opportunity Nox" that work best - of course that the biggest hits like "Joyride" and "The Look" cannot compete - but mainly the best will be the other songs and also "Perfect Day", which represents Marie Fredriksson's own moment, almost perfect. And it seems that her voice this evening is not very clear. In a way, Roxette are ok with the fact that they don't sound perfect.

In the fresh song "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" and also in other songs where Per Gessle dominates by opening his legs and jumping, sometimes with a voice similar to the Smurfs and an energy like Duracell, there is a stronger contrast between the Per and Marie, who are not a couple, but they match perfectly anyway.

The fact that the audience receives Marie with a high warmth is not strange. The fact that she came back on the stage after the brain tumor shows how strong she is - and the fact that sometimes she hesitates and doesn't sing perfectly makes her more masculine, in a way. It is clear that she receives the reaction of the audience, she enjoys it with a certain modesty. She is also a quite quiet singer who, in spite of all bad weather from other concerts, seems to be very attentive on the stage.

Thinking about songs, the concert wants to be a nostalgic moment, but it never feels strange with two singers at the age of 50 who continue to play teenage pop. Roxette haven't changed enough lives with their music, but they have done a lot of songs which have resisted in time. The song where almost all have sung along is "It Must Have Been Love", but the audience have sung a lot of other songs as well. "You don't need us", says Per Gessle during "Spending My Time". Perhaps he counts on this during the concerts; even if they have a little longer playlist, it feels a bit strange for him from time to time.

In spite of the fact that Roxette's career was on top in the '90s, this is their longest tour. 130 concerts in front of over 1.3 million people, according to Per Gessle. It is difficult to understand how big Roxette have been and still are, both with their mind and their heart. But they have broken the record even in Göteborg: the audience record from Slottsskogsvallen in 2003 belonged also to Per Gessle, who shares the first place with himself now. 

"They still have a lot to offer" 

On the stage: There have passed 20 years since Roxette released "Joyride". But the group still plays. 

- Their music is so warm and good, says Ove Cedersmyg, who came from Gränna yesterday to see the band.

Yesterday, when they opened the gates for the concert, the queue was as long as a tram stop, up to The Botanical Garden stop. Many came quite early to get a good place. Two of those who have succeeded to come to the fence were Ann-Louise Åhsberg and Linda Larsson from Mantorp.

- Usually there is a huge pressure here in front, says Ann-Louise Åhsberg, who is a huge Roxette fan.

Nevertheless, it is Per Gessle that she likes most.

- I have been a fan since I was 4 years old. It started when I heard the first Gyllene Tider single on the radio and I shouted at my mother: "wow, mum". Since then I have been a fan.

She has met her idols

Most of all she likes Gessle's early albums and has seen him many times. The fact is that she has even succeeded to meet her big idol.

- When he launched "Son of a Plumber" album, I won a competition which had as prize a travel to London, where you could meet Per Gessle. He was really nice and popular.

- We ate a pizza together. The guys shared a bottle of red wine, but I was pregnant and I had to remain at cola.

Ann-Louise Åhsberg was not the only one who has met the Roxette members. Siv Flodqvist, 69 years old, was working at a school in Halmstad at the beginning of the '80s.

- Before she became well-known, Marie had been in a group which played for the children from that school. She was very nice, very generous and always listened to the children.

Then Marie started with Roxette and the representations from school came to the end. But Siv Flodqvist became a huge fan.

- They still have a lot to offer. I hope I will remember a good music here. Something that you can choose when you drive a car or you lay on the beach. When you can remember the times and feel how good it was.

"Fantastic that they still can play"

One of the older fans who came to see Roxette was Ove Cedersmyg, who has come from Gränna together with his wife, Maria, to see Roxette.

- It is always so nice and they have so many good songs, explains Ove. The songs are incredible good and they fit all ages. But it will be exciting to see, when you live in the countryside like I do, you don't have so many occasions.

- I don't understand how they can go on such a difficult tour, says Maria. Not even a fresh guy could do it, but Marie...who has been so bad! It is fantastic that they still can play.

Even if Roxette's music fits all ages, I don't think that the price for the tickets yesterday (almost 50 Euro) could fit all ages. Some were standing outside the stadium to listen to the concert without paying, like Anna Strååt and Evelina Kellner, from Gothenburg, both 19 years old.

- We don't have a job and don't have money, explained Anna.

But they came to have a picnic instead, on the little hill in Slottsskogsvallen.

- You can hear very good from here. And we have found a place where you could see also the huge screen. As good as possible!

Bella Stenberg and Magnus Carlsson - bella.stenberg@gp.se ; magnus.carlsson@gp.se

Source: Göteborgs Posten, July 25th 2011


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wow, il ai?? tare!! Eu am

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