Göteborg - Roxette Really Rocked

The group has had the only summer concert in Sweden this year. 

Many of the Roxette hits represent a part of my childhood soundtrack. The powerful “The Look” was released the same year when I was born. This song, as well as other songs from the album “Look sharp” could be heard at my parents’ loudspeakers in the house; and when the band from Halmstad did a comeback with the albums “Have a Nice Day” and “Room service”, after 3 years when they didn’t release anything, songs like ”Wish I could fly” and ”Milk and toast and honey” were following me during my teen-age.

That is why it has been very nostalgic and cool not only for me, but also for many others, to go and see the group’s only summer concert in Sweden at Slottsskogsvallen in Gothenburg yesterday.

Fun in this context is that Gessle was the first to use football and free-sports facility as concert arena in 2003. The concert was sold out; there werefans not only from Sweden but also NorwayGermany and Brazil who travelled to southwestern Gothenburg to see him working together with Fredrikssonwho has recovered to a top form after her illness.

The duo has an almost endless tour schedule with ”Charm school the world tour”, the concert in Gothenburg had no. 50 on the list, and it was the only concert that they had in Sweden during the summer (they play at Malmö Arena and Globen in November).

The band who has been invited to open the show is called Paintbox. Also a band from Halmstad that was really good, as they proved it. This trio seems to be one of Roxette’s favourite bands, as they were the ones who warmed-up the audience at Marknadsplatsen in Halmstad last year. Paintbox’ original sound was welcome by the audience in Gothenburg and Linnea Olsson sounded and looked fantastic behind the cello.


It is finally time for the main act of the evening, at 21.00 the sky was cloudy, but no one cared. The show started by keeping a moment of silence for the terrorist act that happened in Norway. It was fantastic to see that those 22 000 people could be silent one minute. After that, they started with the classical song ”Dressed for success”, exactly the same as they had played in Copenhagen the Friday before, followed by ”Sleeping in my car”. 

It happens very often when Roxette takes the audience on a nostalgic trip with their old hits, it is what makes the gig really great! The new songs don’t seem to have the same impact, probably because the latest album has not reached the same success at home as it has outside Sweden.

The song ”It must have been love” has been accompanied by 44 000 hands in the air. Both Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle seem to be happy for the reaction of the audience, probably it feels quite nice to play at home on such a huge world tour?  

As we have already noticed, it is difficult not to be impressed by Marie’s recover after the brain tumor. 

Of course I agree with some critics that it doesn’t sound the same as before, but I cannot say that it was worse. Per Gessle has been on the top form from the beginning. Already after the third song he was sweat and rescued the show when Marie lost herself sometimes. At ”How do you do” he has all the audience by his side.

After almost two hours of show, Roxette finish the gig. This happened after the audience acclaimed two times ”one more time”, when the band came back with songs like ”Spending my time”, ”Listen to your heart” and ”The look”, which even now, 23 years later, takes your breath away. Roxette are able to put things together. 


Source Hallands Posten - read the article in Swedish HERE