Roxette, we've got wet up to our socks!

There are four signs that make you realize that a group fools sometimes the audience from the East, who are more enthusiastic, by doing a real playback. A kind of pop-rock star from the ’90s, for whom you used to cry during your teen-age without any hope and until 2007, when some rockers started to appear in the neighbourhood, quite old guys.

I will write about the 4 signs and I will make a connection with Roxette concert, where I came from last night very wet, after a pouring rain, but in the 7th sky, and this is just to understand why normality can make you so happy. 


1. Many singers use to sing by staying with their back to the audience, just to hide the discrepancy between what they sing and what you can hear on the tape, they use to hide, without a shame, their face and mouth behind the microphone. It was not the case of Roxette. The lady from Roxette had the microphone at its place, and you could notice that she was singing exactly what you could hear at that moment. 

2. Sometimes you can see a guy at the age of about 73, that runs to and fro on the stage, singing perfectly this time. Do you think it is fair for the audience? I don't think so. If I want a gym, I know where I can find it. Well, the girl from Roxette (perhaps also because of the disease she had) sang and did not dance, didn't run, and the members of the band didn't struggle to look like 20-25 years ago. Very good, Roxette, keep on doing like that.

3. Another sign that a band makes playback is when there are planty of special effects. The bands with a lot of special effects (smoke, lights, fireworks), are dubious. Roxette had just a few lights, but nothing in excess. Bravo!

Finally, 4, one of the most important signs that a band does playback is when you think that you hear exactly the same song like you have it on a cassette, CD or computer, on the album of 20 years ago. It happened with Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and Faith No More. It was not the case of Roxette. It is perfectly seen that the girl has a more mature voice, and this makes her more interesting.

What did I want to say with all these? That it was wonderful. (Alexandru Vărzaru)


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