Veni, Vidi, Vici - I came, I saw, I conquered


Thank you Marie, Thank you Per!

WOW, what a day and what a NIGHT! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!

The day began with a cloudy morning, but we already knew that they are going to come by plane, the time, and the flight, so we went to the airport. We saw them, it was fantastic, what can i say!

But after a short while, I talked to Christoffer and we met at the hotel. While waiting for them to come downstairs, guess what! Marie and Per show up, and we took pictures, sign a little something and we said THANK YOU!

After that great moment we talked with the band, we took them for a walk, and chatted a little bit.

The moment came that we were there at the venue, pouring cats and dogs, I got wet to the bones. But we got lucky and the rain has stoped.

Our 2 fans with backstage tickets went inside and gave them the gifts, a panflute for Per and a traditional blouse for Marie! Also flowers, a card and a painting with them drawn by a fan.

The concert began, all our fans rise their sheets, singing Happy Birthday more then 4 times :)) and of course throwing baloons at Joyride. I hope they loved it, because i know we did.

After the show we went to their hotel just to sing them a song, and Marie was so nice, she gave us autographs again and sing with us Tro. What a night!

More info in the following days. Meanwhile download from here all my pictures, not many because i was talking and screaming too much. But hey, what can i say, i am a fan!



Bravo, Elena!! I have also

Bravo, Elena!! I have also written a private message to Per on facebook to thank him because they included Bucharest on the list :) They were really nice in Bucharest!! I saw you in all videos COOL!