Marie singing Tro with the Romanian fans

Yesterday was a day to remember, full of emotions and surprises. From meeting Per and Marie to the airport, to seeing them for a few minutes at the hotel, then giving the band a tour in Bucharest, and finally the wonderful concert, all were priceless moments that we have been waiting for many many years.

But the fun didn't stop after the concert! We quickly hopped in our "fan van", rushing to the hotel through traffic jams. We parked in front of the hotel, unrolled our banners and waited for Per and Marie to arrive. First came Per and after about half an hour, Marie arrived.

Of course, we started singing Happy Birthday (again!). Marie was very nice, she gave us autographs, talked with the fans and was looking gorgeus! The most exciting moment was when she sang "Tro" together with us, inside the hotel lobby. She really looked happy!

Again, thank you Marie, thank you Per, thank you Roxette! And we hope to see you soon again!

PS: Stay tuned for more videos, photos and articles about the concert day!


thank you for this video you

thank you for this video you cheered me up!

Doamne ce rau imi pare ca nu

Doamne ce rau imi pare ca nu am venit la hotel...ati fost superbi, iar vis ! Ma bucur pt voi macar..
Mi se pare atat de blanda Marie... Superba !

Subscriu. Si sper sa ma

Subscriu. Si sper sa ma revansez la viitorul concert.