Hearts, stars and ballons!

"Just came back from a super show in Bucharest. What a crowd!!! We have the best fans in the world!!!! Had a blast. And Marie is saying THANK YOU to everyone singing Happy Birthday To You!!!!! We have to come back to this place pretty soon!!!!!"

This is what Per posted on the Roxette Official Facebook Page just after the concert. We are very happy that everything was so beautiful, especially on Marie's birthday! Lots and lots of fans contributed and helped, so thank you all!

What can we say, Per and Marie have the best fans in the world, and we have the best idols! And the "coming-back-soon" - we'll take it as a promise ;)

Enjoy some videos posted by Per on Facebook:

1. Joyride - we were all in a wonderful ballon!

2. Perfect day - printed hearts everywhere


3. Silver blue - printed stars everywhere (and thanks for singing this special piece!)


4. Spending my time


5. How do you do!



And here is what Christoffer wrote me about the concert:

Hi Elena, and thanks a million for showing us your beautiful city! Marie was blown away by all the birthday celebrations by the audience - OF COURSE! - it was a very special night indeed, we talked a lot about it afterwards! The pan flute will be used for sure and please let me know if you have any questions I could possibly answer in the future. Take care!/Christoffer

Source: Roxette Official Facebook Page