Fan-Action plan for the concert

We went to Zone Arena were we took some pictures for the upcoming concert. The scene part is build but there are lots to be done there. Anyway we will have 4 fan moments during the concert. Presuming that this is the setlist here it goes:


01. Dressed for Success

02. Sleeping In My Car

03. The Big L.

04. Wish I Could Fly

05.Only When I Dream

06. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)

07. Perfect Day**************************************

08. Things Will Never Be the Same

09. It Must Have Been Love

10. Opportunity Nox

11. 7twenty7

12. Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)

13. Silver Blue/Stars *******************************

14. How Do You Do!

15. Dangerous Band presentation

16. Joyride *****************************************

17. Watercolours in the Rain

18. Spending my Time

19. The Look

20. Way Out

21. Listen to Your Heart ****************************

22. Church of Your Heart


1.Welcome :)

2.Perfect Day - right after we will sing Happy Birthday to Marie and we rise the sheets with the hearts that we indicated to print from here: Download imagini.

3.Silver Blue sau Stars - we rise the sheets with the blue stars.

4.Joyride -we wistle at the chorus and we rise the baloons- preferably when they sing: "in a wonderful ballon"

5.Listen to your heart - lights from the phones, flashes etc and we throu flowers after the song.

Important : the song Perfect day has a small pause before the end so be carrefuly when we start so sing Happy Birthday.

( thanx to  Ovidiu for creating this program )

We will add maps so you can see where to come and also the wheather  forecast.  I will keep you posted!


really hope it's silver blue

really hope it's silver blue and not stars:)