Concert preparations

As you can see, Zone Arena will be suffering significant changes for the show. Now it's the fans turn to play their parts and do their best. There has been some forum discussion about this event, when we will sing "Happy Birthday", what surprises shall we prepare.

Now, there are a lot of proposals, time is short, the organizers will hopefully rise up to our expectations, but we have to do our part. As proposed, the band presentation is the best moment to sing "Happy Birthday". To make sure that more people will sing along with us we can print some sheets to give from hand to hand, at least for Golden VIP section, because there is the place where it will all begin. It was suggested immediately after the song "Perfect Day".

If we get to go backstage before the concert, I hope we can talk with the band members about this proposal for accompaning us. I hope the people from the first rows will throw flowers exactly when "Happy B-day!" ends. Now, will you please buy heartshaped balloons or happy b-day balloons and if you have more to share please do it so with your neighbors so we can give as many balloons as posible from hand to hand. In particular, blow them to "Joyride" song, balloon with stars, or stars stuck to some sticks, all will go nicely to "Stars" song if it will be played. I count that each one of you will do everything at home so that we can show we can do this too, not only the Germans or the Argentinians.

We also expect a nearly sold-out event that will overcome all the others up till now. So let's make this day a memorable one especially for Marie. I am counting on your support in the concert day. More information and a weather forecast to come.


Bravos fratzilor! Aparuratzi

Bravos fratzilor! Aparuratzi la teve si nu ne-ati zis si noua... :)

Pai suntem modesti, nu ne

Pai suntem modesti, nu ne laudam :)) E doar pentru cunoscatori:)) Ca vinul bun!