Roxette world tour, a millionaire success

Interview with Per published by Jan-Owe Wikström on Hallandsposten

Roxette are back to conquer the world again . 20 years after the giant world tours "Joyride" (1992) and "C! B! B!" (1995), Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson meet again the worldwide fans. And they haven`t become worse. This is a report from South America, via e-mail.

Photographer:Alexandre Ferreira

The tour started on a cold Russian Tatneft Arena in Kazan on February 28 and  now has reached the hot South America. After Montevideo in Uruguay, Buenos Aires and Cordoba in Argentina, Santiago de Chile and Porto Alegre in Brazil, yesterday was the day of Sao Paulo, in Credicard Hall.
This way, Roxette has achieved a record deal with Capitol USA / EMI, the first since the 90's.

-So far, this was a fantastic tour. We are having a huge response, says Per.
- Sometimes the audience interrupted the song to sing with us! It has happened several times in "Spending My Time" and "It Must have ...." I'm totally surprised. It is as noisy as the "Joyride" tour and who would have imagined?
- More than that, the tour has grown in record time. We will have played for a million people before we finish the tour next year.

What places and concerts do you keep to remember?
- Russia was in winter and was special. Who would like to be at 30 degrees below zero? But the concerts were very good. We played in cities that I can not even spell.
- After that there were the Baltic states and there the sun began to shine. South America is very temperamental and the people love for Roxette has not rusted.
- The two concerts in Buenos Aires were groundbreaking. I hope that all musicians can experience this at least once in their life time. It's an incredible feeling.

How many people have been at your concerts and what kind of audience?
- It's a mix of elder and young people. Many new faces too and of course people who were in the 90's. Each concert is like in Globen, 12000-15000 people, sometimes more, sometimes less.

When have you the time to see places? Russia? South America?
- In Russia we stayed at the hotel. Brrrr ... In South America we have been at the pool on the days off. But we have also checked the level of food in the city. It's just difficult because there are too many fans. We have to hide to get out through the rear doors, parking, etc.

How is Marie? Can she face this pace so hard?
- Marie is very good. It's the best rehabilitation she could ever imagined . The response and the respect she receives from people around the world is incredible. She is all a big smile and with every concert, she has more energy. The other day in Santiago was unsurpassed.

Can you compare this tour with those in South America on 1992 and 1995?
- Then we played in football stadiums, now we have lowered the level to Globen. But the amount of fans that we meet at the airports and at the hotel entrance is just great.

Is there a big interest from the media?
- We had fantastic reviews but we do almost no press because we take care of our throats. We have a hard schedule and we try to stay quiet and calm when we have days off. But the TV channels are appearing at in the airports when we are landing. By the way, you can enter the Official Roxette on Facebook and watch videos.

There was something special during the tour?
-Christoffer has become a local hero everywhere as he begins the song "Joyride" with a total improvisation, playing a famous local song, such as a traditional song, the national anthem ... People love Christoffer, especially here in South America. He probably would not come back home!

How does it feel going to have a recording contract in the U.S.?
-Yes, suddenly USA! We have had difficulties since it came a new manager and all the staff of Capitol / EMI was fired in early 1992. Now will be edited "Charm School" and a compilation and we look forward.
-Our songs have been giants in the U.S. every year, both" Listen ... "and" It Must ... "are heading for the 5,000,000 listeners each in American radio, but unfortunately the American people did not understand that is Roxette who sings them.
-Roxette as a band has become totally anonymous in the USA. We have spent too little time there, that's the reason.

There will also be concerts in the U.S. when the album will be released?
-Nothing is signed yet but anything can happen. I have learned this.
-After South America and Dubai, Europe expects us in summer and autumn. For Sweden, there is Göteborg on 24 July and on 3 November, Stockholm and Malmö the next day.

Can there be more shows? "Halmstad?
-This year no. The program this year is more than crowded. But maybe next year ...?

Source: Hallandsposten  via Roxspain