Marie’s song makes the hearts burn

Marie and PerMarie and PerTHEY PLAY GOOD TOGETHER Marie Fredriksson takes the slow songs and there comes a great interaction with med Per Gessle’s jumping pop.


Marie Fredriksson has always touched hearts.

It is great to hear her voice again. Roxette is working hard to a fantastic tour.

The hits go home to Kazan.

The cigarette lighters are on during the ballads, especially during ”It must have been love”.

When Marie Fredriksson appears in a T-shirt of a local hockey team for an extra song, Kazan explodes. Almost the same like when Christoffer Lundquist started to play a guitar version of Kalinka”.

A depression in the middle

The way to the final success hasn’t been constant. The songs raise up with the audience’s response; and the most unknown parts in the middle do that there appears a depression this evening. Marie Fredriksson sings better and better. This is a comeback that nobody thought it would be possible and she takes care of the slow songs, like a gorgeous ”Spending my time”.

A very good play between the ballads and Gessle’s jumping pop. He has written a lot of new staff for”Charm School”. I think that the show becomes better when they add more of the new strong songs, like the rhythmic ”No one makes it on her own” and that contagious smile ”After all”.

It must have been love

It can be noticed that it is really cool when they play this song. Perhaps there comes a little mistake in the text or a guitar mistake, but it works.

When the concert comes to the end, Marie Fredriksson sings ”Listen to your heart” in such a way that all the hearts start to burn.

It is beautiful. It is trustful. It must have been love, but it is not over now.

It has just started. Roxette will be even better when they come to Göteborg this summer.


Source: Aftonbladet