Per needs your help

Per and the gang are having a blast rehearsing. "7Twenty7 has never been this loud!" Check out for more photos.
Per is also asking for songs to play:

"Hey you gals & guys out there. I'm in the middle of rehearsals and having a blast trying out songs I haven't played live before!! Just for the fun of it, would you mind requesting a couple of tracks you want us to perform? 3 per person would be great! I won't promise we'll play your favorites but you'll never know. The band is certainly in a good mood and we all look forward to this trip!!!!
Thanks so much for your participation.
Lots of luv from Mr Gee & The Heavy Metal Kids"

"I noticed all these “wish lists” on the daily rox-pages. keep on wishing, folks, maybe i’ll pick up some ideas! some hints though: yes, i’m gonna play quite a lot of rox songs. some songs are very dear to me and since i only sang on the demos (before marie made them “her own”) i’d love to have a go! and yes, i’ll play some cookies from TWATG and SOAP of course. and yes, 3 or 4 from PC. and no, no Swedish songs this time! hallaballoo p"