Per at Babben & Co and some updates on the tour

Per performed on the Swedish show called "Babben & Co" on SVT1, March 21. You can watch it here: And two photos from behind the scene:
About the upcoming tour, there are two updates:
  • The Party Crasher concert in Copenhagen has been moved from Vega to Pumpehuset. The London show from March 17 has been moved to O2 Islington Academy (formally the Carling Academy). Per comments: These venues were changed because I prefer to play smaller venues (500-800 ppl) on this tour of mine. That has been my intention since day 1. Shepherd's Bush holds 2300 (way too big for someone like me!) and "large" Vega takes about 1300 incl the balconies. "Small" Vega wasn't available so we set our eyes on Pumpehuset. Now i'm happy! P.
  • The upcoming Party Crasher tour has been expanded, with a gig in the Man's hometown Halmstad. Per will play at Sporthallen in Halmstad on May 8. I'm really looking forward to this trip around Europe. I consider it to be some kinda birthday present to myself to be able to play my favorites from The Gessle Box Of Songs In English. My ambition is to put together a guitar-based power-pop-set specially designed for the club scene! There will be loads of Roxette songs I haven't sung since the demo days but also favorites from the Plum, World According to… and of course Party Crasher. And why not a jolly cover, or two? I love the fact that we've been able to squeeze in a gig in cookin' Halmstad before the band vaporizes after the two gigs May 9 & 10 in Cirkus in Stockholm (other duties are in the can for my eminent musicians). Friday May 8 we'll be ready to roll the dice in Sporthallen in my hometown, with guitars almost-in-tune and smiles on our faces. Playing in Halmstad always makes my heart beat just a little bit faster. says Per. Source: DailyRoxette and SVT1