- a year's review

The new year is knocking at the door and everyone is looking at last year's fulfillments and acomplishments.
We, at, tried to keep the pace with the events from the Rox-world, and give you new and interesting materials. And we hope we managed to do it. If we were to talk in numbers, here's what 2008 meant:

  • 168 articles - which means an article every 2 days! So there is activity in the Rox-world after all! :)
  • 140 forum topics;
  • 298 registered users.

We hope you enjoyed the news, the interviews, the pictures. Thank you to all collaborators, who helped us publish them.

Per and Marie, we wish you a Happy New Year and many suprises in 2009! :)

Happy New Year!


thanks to you all for a

thanks to you all for a fantastic site - look forward to reading more in 2009.

hope everybody has a successful 2009 and you all had a great christmas.