Vicki Benckert for!

1. What do you do for a living nowadays? Mostly I work as a translator and director of local versions of Disney movies and tv-series. 2. How did you become a backing vocalist? I had a record career as a singer/songwriter (though the word wasn't invented yet). Note that I played (acoustic) guitar, mandoline and accordion with Roxette. My main instrument is keyboards, and when touring as a solo artist I used to play electric guitar. Per and Marie saw me in a band and asked me if I would join them on a world tour:-) 3. What were the tours with Roxette? Joyride 1991-92 110 venues in europe, south & north america, australia. I had already been to SOVIET Moscow, Sotji and Kiev, to Lebanon and Israel and other odd places as a solo singer, but this was my first (and last?) world tour. 4. Did you have a great time? Tell us more about those times. It was great of course, but touring is touring whether in Sweden or worldwide; Get up in time for breakfast and a brief walk to check out city or qat least hotels neighborhood, check out of hotel 11 am & go to airport (or by bus to next arena), arrive at 4 pm, check in at thotel, soundcheck 5 pm, dinner at arena, show at 8 or 9 pm, leave arena at 11 or 12 pm, have a few drinks in hotelbar or at sponsors party, get to bed, get up in time for breakfast... 5. How did you meet Marie and Per? I suppose we had met at some social event, but I didn't know any of them before Marie called me on the phone one day and asked me if I would go on a world tour with them. 6. Would you do a tour again? Of course I would tour again, I love to travel! 7. How was the MTV Unplugged for you? MTV unplugged was great for me because I played some intreuments that were a little more featurde in the arrangements, and I also got to sing a little bit more than in the Rock Stage Set. 8. Do you rehearse before the shows? YES! You always rehearse. Super boring but necessary. 9. How you keep your voice strong? Practise makes powerful. Don't push your voice on an every day basis, but if you practise every day (in a fairly gentle way) you can sing hard rock without distroying it. 10. What are your past projects? Have you try a solo carrier? I had a solo career in Sweden and released 3 solo albums before Roxette. And I went to Moscow, Sotji and Kiev to perform in ... Was it 1986? After Roxette I had three children and quit touring and participated in musicals such as Kristina från Duvemåla, Chess etc. 11. How come you play so many instruments? I don't really play all those intruments :-) I more like cheat my way through them. "All in the head an none in the fingers" as a brute guitar player once declared. I have great ears, that I can say for myself, so I know how my instruments OUGHT TO sound . 12. What Roxette album do you like most? I like the early albums the best and my favorite song is The Look. I think it's outstanding. 13. What can you tell us about Marie? Marie is a really great girl, extremely talanted and courageous, both professionally and in private life. She has a strong integrity but is very friendly and loves a great laugh. 14. And about Per? Per has an amazing talent for getting things done, he never tires and he is extremely intelligent and well informed. He is also very friendly but with a strong integrity. 15. Would you work on a Per Gessle project? Of course. 16. Do you miss those times? Not really, no. 17. Do you read what fans are saying about you on Roxette forums? No - what are they saying? 18. What are your future projects? I'm quite content with my quiet family life, and none of my future projects are related to the music industry. Best regards, Vicki


This is a great interwiev. I

This is a great interwiev. I always think Vicky is realy talented, with a great voice. Always missing her, since the last time she played with roxette.

I would like Per call her for some of his projects.

Thank you guys!!