Domnica in Sweden!


Some of my friends call me lucky, other call me nostalgic, that I lost my mind or that I try to fulfill my desires with persistence and courage... I can't not find an attribute for me, and I don’t even bother with that... all I know is that I feel happy, but also sad... happy because, although an adult, I live a part of an adolescent’s dream, and sad because I wish it would've lasted longer, much longer...
And I know that I want to tell you why I feel like that because I want to share with you everything I saw and felt for a few days in Stockholm.
How did I end up there? From an impulse, a need to leave Bucharest and escape from everything that was wrong around me for about three weeks before, and live something different and fantastic.
The luck (hmm... talk about the fact that they call me lucky) made that this urge to go coincided with two events: the Stjarnklart gala where Marie was about to sing and the launching of Per’s new album „Party Crasher”. So, for a few days I was in a carousel - reserving the plane tickets, the hotel room, negotiating a ticket at the gala, shopping for the last moments and entire evenings spent at work to leave things in order for the time of my absence.
With all my tickets, vouchers and things to carry, I took off on the morning of the 25th of December toward Stockholm; actually first to Warsaw because there was the first stop. At Warsaw I arrived well, only to find out that because of bad weather the take off was postponed. Nothing alarming, just some of the persons who were waiting were already nervous because a day before it happened again. But here the luck intervened once again and this time the plane took off only a little late.

So after another couple of hours I arrived in Stockholm. I recognized the airport and the way to the well-known Arlanda’s Express because, lucky me, I saw them before – last time in 2007 (during „En handig man” tour) and two years ago, in 2006. I've found Stockholm just as beautiful and captivating as before, a little bit colder because of the bad weather and the snow on the streets. The hours went by so quickly, calm and with a winter touch, and here it came 26th November, the day that I was about to see Marie live for the first time in my life!

So slowly the evening came, and I started walking well dressed carrying my backpack, towards Konserthuset, the place where Marie was about to go on stage. In my backpack I had hidden my camera with a little hope that I could do some photos, but I was warn that no photos are allowed. Indeed I did not use it, but I think the pictures in my mind are more expressive than photos, too bad that you could not see that yourselves. But that’s why I'm writing this story to describe you the most beautiful pictures that I have “captured”.
Lost among hundreds of employers of the Swedish companies (because Stjarnklart is a gala with close or semi-closed circuit, where the companies send their personnel as a reward and a gift for Christmas for their activities during the hole year), I managed to enter into an extremely spacious and welcoming hall which could've easily received over 1000 people and found my special place, reserved for me in the second row, right in front of the stage. The noise made by all of the people enhanced my state of anxiety and if I could've talked well in Swedish maybe I would have told them to stop and sit down, so the show could start and I wanted to see what I came for. But they stopped only when the lights went off and the conductor spoke, making jokes with the audience, speaking very fast and for a long time. Once the members of the band were in place the presenter of the show entered the stage, I don't remembered his name, a blond guy (naturally!) and extremely funny, who made a lots of jokes during the hole show with the audience, speaking very fast and a lot. In this amount of words I thought I heard something like, „Rumanien”; for the moment I thought I'm hearing things, but later it was confirmed that the presenter mentioned that someone from Romania was there in the audience.
But let’s talk about the show. One by one the artists appear on the stage – 4 singers and a lot of dancers, dressed with various costumes adding more to the sensation of „glamorous” for the stage set. The way of singing and dancing was captivating, each of the voices were strong and clear and could've easily resembled Celine Dion, George Michael, ABBA etc., artists from which they borough songs and interpreted magnificent. 20 minutes had passed, and my anxiety started to grow bigger and bigger. Up to a point where the stage lights were turned off, but standing on the second row I could see that they brought a chair, followed by a thin silhouette approaching the chair with smooth movements. She was helped by a stronger silhouette. When the lights went back on I found on the stage only the first silhouette, the thin one, with a face so bright, so clear and familiar... Marie... The smooth movements and the lights on her face were in total harmony with the music that floated from the piano, the violins and the cello from the back, building second by second one of the most beautiful melody I have ever heard - „Annu doftar karlek”. Either the music so sweet, or that familiar face, or the feeling of an adolescent dream fulfilled, maybe the smooth light or her incredible voice, or it was just emotions... whatever it was I found myself crying tears of joy and I couldn’t stop them, and I felt sorry for that, because it blurred my view. And if I would've seen this 10 or 15 years ago, it would have brought me on the verge of ecstasy and it would've not gave me this feeling of serenity and peace of mind at an intensity rarely found. It was so good to see and hear her and see how much she enjoys being there on the stage - winner, loved, unique... The applause at the end of the song were more powerful than in any moments so far, proving her that she deserved to feel like that.

First five minutes since I saw for the first time Marie and suddenly the anxiety from before turned into a calm waiting, because I knew I was about to see her again. And I saw her twice again with two songs powerful and emotional - „I Never Loved a Man” and „Sa skimrande var aldrig havet”. I admit that on the first one I couldn’t stop remembering Per together on the stage at that unforgettable unplugged concert from the early fan years, years when the simplest idea of them not being together made me afraid and very sad.
With dance, songs very familiar, jokes and laughter there went more than 3 hours of the show. With every song and dance, the show grew in intensity; the outfits were more and more glamorous. So, after 3 hours, every one who appeared on the scene, reappeared dressed in white and singing „Santa Claus is coming to town”, creating a magic celebration moment. Seeing all of them on the stage, dressed in white and singing Christmas songs, despite the atmosphere, I admit that I was sad because only Marie was missing. And I was wondering from time to time what kind of big ending is this, in which the one dearest to my heart is missing? Once this song finished, everybody sat on the steps from the center of the stage and suddenly music started, so familiar - „Tro”. And again, that thin and discrete silhouette brought light on the stage and again that voice so dear echoed everywhere. It seemed a surreal scene, a fairytale dream in which only two eyes where shinning and only one voice was singing and hundreds of people remained quiet and full of admiration. She seemed to be the only one on stage; all the eyes were on her, not daring to make a sound, aware that they were only decor pieces at the disposal of one diva- Marie! The scene was hers, the audience was hers, the singers, the dancers they all belonged to her, and the brightness from her eyes and the power of the voice confirmed that: the world was hers! It couldn’t be otherwise, because through „Tro” she was spreading magic and power. Although at the fourth song, it was the first time that I recognized the true Marie, the one that we all knew not only from her concerts that we were after as teenagers: the Marie almighty, strong, above everybody else, Marie with triumphant eyes, aware of the fact that everybody was there for her and only her, Marie capable of making hundreds of people feel what she inspires, Marie happy that she is loved, respected, happy to be on the stage again! And the long and loud applause confirmed that: they were there for her, because she was the master of the stage!
In the sound of applause that showed her how much people love her, Marie was surrounded by all the artists from the stage who started to applaud her as well, looking at her, understanding that all the applause were for her. She received flowers, she looked over the crowed, she bowed her head as a thank you, waved, smiled and triumphed! And she went off stage only to come back two more times because the applause wouldn’t stop. And she said good bye to everybody - gratefully, victorious.
Also happy, gratefully and victorious I left the place, at a lower intensity of course and with more selfish motives than hers. I feel like that now, although the ingrate part of me has one regret: I wish I have seen her when I was a child, when together with Roxette she made thousands of fans scream and sing on stadiums...

Click here to see more pictures of Marie from the Meet & Greet on Roxspain and here other photos. And we have also some collages made by Ognian (which we thank with this occasion) that you can download from here .
But the magic and the joy were about to continue the next day on 27 of December when I was going to be present at a signing session of Per’s. I admit that I was more eager than the day before because from Roxette, Per was and still is my favorite.
The day was full of Per and Roxette from early morning, because the launching the album „Party Crasher” was one of the morning show’s subjects on SVT1 which you can watch here

Per was invited in a show to talk about this new album and with my limited knowledge of Swedish, I understood thou that one of the question was how is he feeling turning 50 years soon. His embarrassed smile made me understand that he knows times flows over him as well, but with great use, because I find him more charming now than he was when he dyed his hair in black and use a lot of gel :P
Around lunch time I visited the City hall in which they filmed 17 years ago, the video for „Fading Like a Flower”.

[img_assist|nid=1854|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=540|height=377] [img_assist|nid=1852|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=540|height=380]

I entered the hall were most of the scenes from the video were filmed, the hall watched by walls full of golden paintings in which they intended to organize the party for the Nobel prices in medicine, chemistry, etc, ceremony that was to be held in December. This hall, with its rich style that doesn't make exactly popular among the Swedish people, was build under the patronage of the Lake Malaren’s queen(the lake that divides Stockholm), and the paintings on the walls are meant to show that Swedish people are open to other cultures on the Globe.
The signing session was planned to start at 16.30, taking place at the Ahlens commercial complex on one of the most known streets in Stockholm, Drottninggatan.

I arrived there an hour before the moment, because I really couldn't stay far from it and I felt the need to see the area before it started. I was amazed to see that already there was a short line of fans leaning against the wall, listening on the headphones to Pers' songs or looking at different things like CDs and photos. I stayed in line as anxious as them, waiting for the first time to stay in front of him and exchange some words with the man that transformed a part of my adolescence in a time full of music, magic, joy, enthusiasm, things that I can still feel today even if not so powerful.
I was paying attention for a while at the movements of the bodyguards as they communicate to each other, waiting for Per to arrive. Seeing that nothing happens I waited calmly and kept on talking to other fans, sharing impressions and memories. When all of the sudden I hear a scream and I see a young girl collapsing on the ground. First I was frightened that I didn’t know what was going on, but as she was screaming „Peeer!!!!” made me realize that he made it there. It amazed me that at his age Per still makes some girls fall on the ground.
The line started to move because the signing session began. I have bought 3 CDs of „Party Crasher” because I knew that at home some other fans are waiting for a signed album which is a treasure. I was a little bit nervous, but funny, not too big. It was the chills that I would talk to him and we shall share a picture. Slowly my turn has come and I arrived in front of him. He seemed relaxed, I wasn’t! We said hello and it was the moment to hand him the CDs of course. I didn’t think to pull out the book from the inside of the CDs so I had to do that right there. It was not at all very simple because my hands were terribly shaking and any attempt of self-control was a totally failure. So I said something like „Sorry, I just can’t manage this...” With the most charming smile in the world he said: „Don’t worry, I’ll do it. I’m an expert, you know...” As if I didn’t knew he was an expert... expert in music, touching the most sensitive feelings in pour teenagers that become fans forever?, but as an expert in removing the books from the CDs jewel cases I swear I didn’t thought for one moment at this! Anyway his expertise was more than welcomed because otherwise it would have past minutes before I could open those CDs (hmmm..., although I wouldn’t mind talking to him a little bit more). After he signed all my CDs I asked him if I can take a picture, which he accepted filling the photo with a big smile. He asked me where I come from, I told him I was from Romania, and that there are many fans that love him, and he seemed very pleased. In the end I thanked him and said good bye, finding myself a good spot to take more pictures that we can all enjoy. Among the tens of photos taken I realized that he signed all of my CD’s but none of them were personalized. I pull up the courage and asked Marie Dimberg to help me, and she asked Per to write on one of my CD’s my name. I received that plus the joy of seeing Per spelling my name, paying attention not to make a mistake.

At 6 o'clock sharp, the session was over, and Per left with Marie Dimberg and the bodyguards. I followed him with my eyes, knowing that I lived another part of my adolescent dream. And I understood more than ever that although later than we wish, dreams are meant to come true!
[img_assist|nid=1857|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=540|height=380] [img_assist|nid=1858|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=540|height=380]
I stayed another day in Stockholm. The weather was more and more beautiful and the CD-player that I bought on the night with the autograph that I was listening on to the wonderful ballads from the “Party Crasher”, made the last hours in my idol's town to be the most magical place on earth and I will gladly return there :)

More pictures with Per you can download here


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