Micke Syd for roxette.ro

[img_assist|nid=1824|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=right|width=200|height=300]1. What are you doing right now; do you have any projects on? Do you go to work? Are you in a holyday? Do you have a business to take care of?
I’m playing in a couple of bands, both as drummer/singer and singer alone. I work as DJ sometimes and I work with other stuff as well.

2. Tell us about you, how do you describe yourself?
I’m 47 years old, married I have 4 kids and 2 cats and we live in a house south of central Stockholm.

3. Are your children involved in music?
My daughter sings in school and the guys are playing just for fun.

4. How did you become a drummer?
I always wanted to play drums.

5. How did you meet Per?
He was in a band with MP and they needed a drummer.


6. Do you miss GT 25?
No don’t miss it but I’m very proud and happy that we could do it.

7. Did you get nervous before the beginning of the tour?
No, I usually don’t get nervous when I play.


8. Would you do a GT 30 tour in 2009?
No we don’t, but we don’t know what can happen in the future :)

9. Were there the same jokes and fun as you’ve done as a teenager band?
Some of them maybe, but there is a different kind of fun when you get older.

10. Do you have girl fans stalking you?
In the 80's they did, not now. Now I’m old enough to be their father :)

11. How often do you talk with Per?
Not especially often.

12. Is it hard to work with Per?
No it’s not.

13. What are your relations with Per nowadays?
It's fine, we have fun when we meet.

14. Have you ever bought a Roxette album?
No I got them for free :D

15. Do you talk to Marie as well?
Same answer as with Per

16. What do you think of her?
I like her a lot.

17. And about the other members of the GT band?
I like them a lot as well.

18. Did you record something new with Per since ”Finn 5 Fel!”?
No, I haven't.

19. Do you read what fans talk about you and GT?
Sometimes I do.