Interview with Jens Jansson

Brainpool is Christoffer Lundquist, David Birde, Jens Jansson. Started in the early '90s by four teenagers with a taste for new wave and Small Faces, their debut, Soda, immediately became one of the most successful records of the Swedish new pop wave. After a couple of years of touring and recording (Painkiller, Stay Free) they got tired of it and changed direction completely. They scaled down and became a trio and released a very different album (You Are Here) with influences like New Order, Harold Faltermeyer and Mr. Data. The band started to produce (Ed Harcourt, Florian Horwath, Roxette) and play with other acts (A Camp, Righteous Boy, Hideki Kaji, Viebeke Saugestad). During this period they decided to make a rock opera since it felt like the most stupid thing to do. Four years in the making, Playground Records Scandinavia released Junk: A Rock Opera as a double CD concept album (2004). In 2005, Sweden's Malmö Festival commissioned Brainpool to do a concert version of Junk with the Malmö Symphonic Orchestra. The one-time concert played on the main stage to an audience of ten thousand people. From the beginning, Brainpool envisioned that Junk: A Rock Opera should exist as a full-scale piece of theatre. In May of 2007, after three years of development and correspondence with director Shakina Nayfack, Brianpool flew out to Los Angeles to see the world premiere workshop. Their minds were officially blown. Read more about Brainpool here. So, read an exclusive interview with Jans Jansson, the drummer from Brainpool, and also from Per's Mazarin and EHM tours!
Oh, that was a lot. I'll answer as much as I can... 1. What’s your current occupation? Do you play in other bands? I make commercials and play in other bands. Right now I'm playing with a good friend of mine who lives in Paris. Peter Von Poehl is his name and the music is great. 2. How did you become a drummer? I think it was a friend of mine who suggested that we should take some drum classes when I was a kid. He quit, I stayed. 3. When did you meet Per and Marie? In 1995, when we toured with Roxette, with my band Brainpool. 4. What tours have you played with Per? I've only done two tours. The first was the "Mazarin" tour and last summer we did the EHM tour. 5. Tell us about the EHM tour, how was it, funny moments, as much as you remember. It was a great tour. Everyone in the band are really nice people who are really fun to be around. The funniest moment was when we got attacked by a cover band that plays Gyllene Tider songs at a gas station. Nice, but crazy people. 6. If Per will tour again will you join? I hope so, yes. 7. How does it feel to record with Per? It feels good. He's a very nice man and it's always very relaxing to make music with him. 8. Did you listen to a Roxette album? If yes, did you like it? (Which one?) No, I've actually never bought a Roxette album. The only one I've got is the single I played on, One Wish. But, I like lots of their songs. I really liked Joyride when that came out. 9. Did their music have influences on yours? No, not really. Maybe the music that they listened to, but not their music. 10. How do you describe Per? Easygoing, productive, funny, Halmstadish. 11. And Marie? Friendly, caring, happy. 12. Are you still in contact with them? I'm meeting Per today but Marie I have no contact with. 13. Do you apply your own style to the old songs while playing the drums? Well, yes I think you can't do anything else. I play like I do so a little difference is to be expected. 14. What are your hobbies? I'm not much of a hobby person. I have a little son and to hang around with him is a great hobby. 15. Any future projects? I have lots of projects coming up. I expect Per to have even more.
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great! thank you very

great! thank you very much!..

i think he is a very good drummer!. He was very nice to take a picture with me after örebrö EHM concert.

best regards from argentina.