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Enjoy our 4th fan interview! This time, featuring Jorge, from Runtoroxette [Previous episodes: Tevensso | Muriel | Mikael ]
1. What’s your name and profession? Where do you live? My name is Jorge Diaz, I am an accountant but I work as a webmaster. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2. How did you become a fan? It was in 1995, but I like their music since I was in primary school, when one of my English teachers teached us with Roxette songs. 3. What does your collection consist of? I prefer to collect CDs, but I also have got vinyls, videos, DVDs, poster... including a glass and a bottle that they used in their last visit to Buenos Aires :P 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? I started buying all kind of stuff since 1995 but I have no idea how much it did cost me... and I wouldn’t really like to know. 5. Tell us how did you first meet Per and/or Marie and what you did fell? It was in 1999 during the HAND promo tour. I got a room at their hotel and I was so lucky that I met Gessle twice at the elevator. And thanks to Marie Dimber I could get a picture with Per and Marie. 6. Tell us some funny story about Per and/or Marie. It was so funny the first time that I met Per at the elevator. For an instant, I got shocked looking at him and he putted a scary face, I think that he thought: "oh, this crazy fan will jump over me". 7. What is the most priceless item from your collection? I love each item of my collection but I think that one of my favorite ones is the Anyone Maxi CD signed by Per Gessle and Pelle Alsing. 8. What are the sites that you manage? My Roxette website is and the forum 9. What means taking care of a site? What exactly are you doing? I love to play and learn with Run to Roxette. When I have time, I love to make changes on it. 10. How many concerts with them have you seen? I have never been in a Roxette concert but I will always remember the Much Music sound test. 11. Which is the most memorable and why? That’s an easy question. I will never forget when Marie sang "Anyone" during the sound test. 12. What is the thing from your collection that you are most proud of? "Love Peas" CD promo 13. What advice do you have for future fans? Be patient. 14. How does your family relate to you being a fan? At the first time they were a bit worried about the Rox-World, but when they met another fans they just thought that we are just crazy. 15. You have a dog. What's his name, does he have a story related to Roxette? Her name is Alma (it means "Soul") but no, she haven't got any Rox-story :P 16. What do you want to change in your past and why? Nothing. I think that each thing made me grow and thanks to it I am who I am.
Thanks Jorge for the interview! Keep your eyes on us, another interview is on the go!