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Here's the second episode from our series of interviews, with fans, for fans! This time, it's about Muriel. You know her from Enjoy!
1. 1. What’s your name and profession? Where do you live? My name’s Muriel, I’m an engineer in water and waste products. I live in France, near the German border. 2. How did you become a fan? The first time I saw The Look video on TV, I thought these two (n.r. Marie and Per) had (and still have) something special. 3. Your collection consists of what? Cds, singles, vinyls, videos (all of it is on my site, 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? I started collecting stuff back in 1992 and it did cost lots and lots of money, but I don’t regret it. What can I say, I’m addicted, some people smoke, I collect everything about Rox, Marie, Per, Gyllene Tider... But I don’t think my collection is ever gonna be complete, there’s so much more stuff out there. It wouldn’t be fun to have everything; I’m still getting excited when there’s a record fair not so far away... 5. Tell us how did you first meet Per and Marie and what did you feel? I met them in Paris in 1999, they recorded a TV show with Wish I could fly. I was really nervous but in the mean time so excited to see them. I was there with another French fan and we’ve been able to talk for a few minutes with Marie and Per. 6. What is the most priceless item from your collection? Don’t really know, I guess all the records signed by Marie and Per. 7. What are the sites that you manage? (my aunt’s restaurant) (my hometown where I grew up) 8. What means taking care of a site? What exactly are you doing? Because I’m doing it alone, it’s sometimes a lot of work. But I’ve stopped translating the news in English... So it’s just updating the news, checking on the forum (which I don’t do regularly, sorry about that) and from time to time I give it a new look and that’s really a lot of work. 9. How many concerts with them have you seen? 3 from the Crash Boom Bang tour and 1 from the Room Service tour 10. Which is the most memorable and why? This is an easy one. The show in Stuttgart (Germany) on October the 21st 1994. It was my birthday and I stood in the front row and it was perfect! 11. What is the thing from your collection that you are most proud of? The French Fading like a flower single, signed by Marie and Per. 12. What advice you have for future fans? If you want to be a fan of someone, something, just do it. For me it’s been such a great time, I met really nice people, got new friends and well had to learn to speak German and English... so something really good came out with me being a fan... except maybe for my bank account, but that doesn’t count ;) 13. How does your family relate to you being a fan? They know I’m a fan for such a long time now (almost 20 years), so they just ask from time to time what Rox are doing. 14. What would you want to change in your past and why? I’m a lil sad that I didn’t go to more concerts from the Room Service tour, because if I’d known what was going to happen with Marie, I would have gone to much more shows. But the past is the past, and right now I’m waiting for maybe new Rox stuff. If nothing comes, I’ll still be a fan.
Thank you Muriel for the interview! PS: The previous interview featured Tevensso from Daily Roxette. You can find it here. For the rest of you, we are waiting for your stories, to show the Rox-world what great fans you are!