Figs, tea and ... Roxette!

We met a 4 o'clock, at Eroilor, where we usually meet. Well ... 4 past some minutes, because some of us (especially the one who is writing this article) were a little late. Maria drove us to the tea-house (which is in Armeneasca district, on Popa Rusu Street), we circled around the streets, but we finally found it! One little detail: it was closed and it started to rain :D So we ran back to Maria's car, where Mihaela showed us some old fan pics, and her invitations for Marie's exhibition in September (envy her, we did the same ;) ). We also saw a Romanian fan list, from 2001. There were around 50 people. It would be very nice if we were that much again...
Rain stopped just when the tea-house opened (and Maria finished smoking :P) so out of the car we got. Entering the gate ... suprise, we were in a garden full of fig-trees, with tea tables between then and a delicious tea smell in the air. And for us to feel even better, the tea-house staff let us play a Roxette CD (Mihaela brought "Demos and Spices").
We started drinking (in fact enjoying) tea, tasting "mazarins" and listening to Roxette. Aren't you sorry for not coming? :D First, we talked about legalizing the fanclub (we won't give up) and about promo materials. We won't tell you what that means, because we hope it will be a surprize! Then Mihaela told us what will she be up to in Sweden. We can't wait for pictures and stories from Goteburg and Halmstad! So, it was a great meeting. All that we wished were more fans! So, we're waiting for you next time! Until then, Rox on! PS: All pictures here.