Tevensso for roxette.ro

So, out first fan interview! Featuring Thomas Evensson (tevensso). You know him from The Daily Roxette and Per's official forum. Here it goes, enjoy:
1. What’s your name and profession? Where do you live? My name is Thomas Evensson, I work as a sound installer for PA Ljud AB (www.paljud.se) in Sweden. I live in Ljusdal, Sweden. 2. How did you become a fan? How did I become a fan? Well, you have to realize that back in 1981 Sweden only had one radio station that played music. One. And this radio station, P3, played Gyllene Tider around the clock, and I hated it! And at discos they played Gyllene Tider’s Moderna Tider from start to end. The one album, all night long... Eventually I caved and started loving this great band! And I still do. Funnily enough it was the weird song “Povel Ramel, Paul McCartney och jag” that broke the camel’s back. That’s how I became a fan. I’ve followed Per ever since. 3. Your collection consists of what? I have basically every record there is by Gyllene Tider and Per Gessle, and frankly, a few that don’t exist... I also collect Roxette of course, while I don’t really collect Marie Fredriksson’s solo material. At least not the regular editions. My Roxette collection is probably considered as quite extensive, although it’s by no means complete. Will it ever be? Won’t the fun end then...? 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? I started my collection in 1981 with Moderna Tider (it cost 49 SEK at the local record store). The cost? Jeebus, I have no idea, hundreds of thousands of Swedish kronor? 5. Tell us how you first meet Per and Marie and what you felt? I can’t even remember that... I have met them quite a few times. But I did my first real interview with Per in October 2002 for the Ballad Hits release. That was amazing of course, I was very nervous but the interview went well (I think, I don’t know what Per thought...) You can read it at The Daily Roxette. I also remember my rather exclusive interview with Marie in 2005 where she talked about her first art exhibit. That was special as only a very few newspapers were allowed to interview her. Her first appearance after her cancer. 6. Tell us some funny story about Per and Marie. I don’t know any funny stories that I can tell you, ha ha! The ones I do know I can’t tell though... 7. What is the priceless item from your collection? My favorite? Ohhh... in a way all my records are my favorite, but Mats Arne 30 is one, Roxette’s The Look in clear vinyl is another. I also love my The Lonely Boys album in vinyl. Roxette’s Teaser Japanese 7” is a gem too! 8. What are the forums that you are a moderator? I moderate The Daily Roxette and all Gessle’s forums (one in reality). I’m not well liked from time to time, but it’s not really my job as a moderator to be liked, ha ha! 9. Do you ever think you will stop love Marie and Per? I can’t say I love Per and Marie, however, I do love their music, and I think it’s safe to say that after 30 years I will go on another 30 without a doubt. 10. How many concerts with them have you seen? Many, I don’t even remember. 50? 11. Which is most memorable and why? Difficult question, I saw Marie at Hudiksvall stadshotell in 1987 or 1988, that was nice. All Gyllene Tider concerts have been great, I think Beach Club in Halmstad in 1996 stands out. Roxette’s MTV Unplugged in Stockholm and Greatest Hits concert in London were superb. Per Gessle’s Mazarin World Tour in Helsinki was a moment to remember as well. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few. 12. What is the thing from your collection that you are most proud of? I can’t tell you that, because that thing doesn’t exist… 13. What advice you have for future fans? Ha ha, I don’t know. Stay calm and be yourselves. Don’t become snotty know-it-alls. The Rox world has too many of those. 14. How your family relates to you being a fan? At first they thought I was crazy, but after meeting other fans, like for instance some Russians, they realized I’m quite subdued!
Thank you Tevensso for the interview! You can see more pictures with Tevensso, Per and Marie here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tevensso/sets/72157594490204936/